The Kettle With Mettle

The new Glenray® Kettle has a 10.5-quart capacity and is available in black or stainless steel. It features easy-to-control temperature settings, is shipped complete with stainless steel food insert, hinged lid and ladle. The Glenray Kettle has a compact footprint and will fit in the tightest locations. It is NSF-approved and UL-listed. An optional stainless-steel hinged split lid is also available and sold separately as an alternative to the kettle's standard hinged lid.

Tomlinson Industries: 800-945-4589

A Healthy Snack

Dr. Smoothie® has been developing smoothie purees since 1997 that taste great and provide valuable health benefits that exceed customer expectations. Each concentrate contains real fruit that has been ripened on the vine, providing the maximum benefits fruit has to offer. All purees manufactured by Dr. Smoothie® brands are vitamin- and mineral-enriched with a superior anti-oxidant package. All feature no high-fructose corn syrup, no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, are fat-free, lactose-free and 100 percent all-natural. The 100 percent Crushed® whole fruit purees deliver a functional beverage with over three servings of fruit per 16-ounce beverage.

Dr. Smoothie Brands: 888-466-9941

The Off Switch

Save money and rest assured knowing your popcorn machine will automatically turn off after 15 minutes of idle time. The new Auto Shutoff feature is standard on all #1866 Ultra P-60 and #2656 Ultra 60 Special 6-ounce poppers. (A blinking light indicates when the kettle has been turned off.) Additional benefits include decreased energy costs and reduced heat/wear on the kettle. Gold Medal® also has a large, versatile selection of popcorn, cotton candy and Sno-Kone® machines, and numerous lines with the corresponding supplies.

Gold Medal Products: 800-543-0862

Made to Order

Great-tasting, made-to-order sandwiches and salads, plus a reputation for offering healthier alternatives to traditionally fatty fast food has made SUBWAY® restaurants popular destinations around the world. With more than 32,000 independently owned and operated locations in 91 countries, the Subway chain is the world's largest submarine sandwich franchise, with more than 7,000 locations at many of the leading airports, universities, hospitals, retailers and park and recreational facilities. Founded in 1965, the Subway chain is a highly recognizable brand with low startup costs and an efficient, well-structured program that includes training and guidance in all areas of operation. Little to no experience is necessary, space requirements are flexible and equipment needs are minimal.

Subway®: 800-888-4848

Get Organized

An attractive line of sturdy countertop organizers from Server Products will keep condiment areas clean, while helping operators eliminate mess and waste. Available in four convenient models, the organizers are perfect for straws, napkins, coffee creamers, PCs and more. Each model features a smart, contemporary stainless-steel and ABS plastic design. All are NSF-listed and backed by a two-year warranty.

Server Products: 800-558-8722

Old-Time Treat

There's nothing like settling down with a warm, buttery bag of fresh popcorn. This simple pleasure and fun treat is an iconic presence in American entertainment culture, thanks to C. Cretors & Company. Chicago-based Cretors, established in 1885, is the inventor of the world's first popcorn machine and is revolutionary in the concession industry. The company is proud to announce its 125th anniversary, and to celebrate how far the industry has come—an industry that truly started in America's "Old Hollywood" Chicago.

C. Cretors & Company: 800-228-1885

Bits and Bites

Mini-donuts are an ideal addition to nearly any foodservice or concession operation. They're inexpensive to produce and offer customers an excellent value. Mini-donuts complement existing food selections and themes, and add depth and fun to menus. These bite-sized morsels are made automatically in front of the public. The aroma, action and taste make them an instant, profitable hit. Lil' Orbits mini-donut machines are completely automatic and portable—with quick and easy setup—and carry a lifetime equipment guarantee.

Lil Orbits Inc.: 800-228-8305