Roll It Up

The custom-engineered Covermate IITM represents a breakthrough in gymnasium safety. The system's main attraction is the retractable outriggers that reduce the risk of tipping. Also, the yellow end collars on each roller prevent fingers from getting pinched between the roller and the roller bracket. Special safety bolts that attach each roller bracket to the main frame hold each roller captive to prevent it from popping up. The six casters, two of which are offset, reduce the floor point load by 33 percent, while foot-operated locks anchor the system securely to the floor.

CoverMaster: 800-387-5808

Adjustable Floor

No Fault Sport Floor is an effective and ideal choice for sports surfacing or flooring in your fitness or recreational facility and is available for multiple applications. It can adjust to meet the specific conditions of your facility. Resilient, durable and easy to maintain, No Fault Sport Floor is available in a variety of colors and is simple to install, helping you achieve the custom look you desire. It comes in 4-foot-wide rolls and custom-cut lengths or in interlocking 2-by-2-foot Zig Zag Tiles. No Fault intends to be your one-stop shop for all of your sports and safety surface needs.

No Fault Sport Group: 866-637-7678

Awesome Adhesive

This photo shows the installer applying NORDOT® Adhesive #113D to a plywood gymnasium subfloor prior to bonding parquet wood tiles. This one-part pourable elastomeric urethane adhesive has excellent adhesion and flexibility, which lets wood expand and contract without breaking. It's environmentally friendly, fights mold, is VOC-compliant, does not contain flammable or toxic solvents and is low-hazard with negligible odor. NORDOT® Adhesive #113D bonds wood, rubber, vinyl, urethane/rubber sports surfaces and flooring to concrete, wood and metal subsurfaces. It is pourable, easy to spread, has a negligible odor and a long open time for bonding after application, facilitating jobsite installation.

Synthetic Surfaces Inc.: 908-233-6803

Clean Play

The best way to keep your sports floors in top-notch condition is with a daily maintenance schedule. Courtclean® is the most effective way to pick up dirt and dust, and it's easy to use. You can reduce maintenance costs, avoid slip-and-fall injuries and prevent the spread of bacteria with a Courtclean® Damp Mop System. When your floors shine, they're a true reflection of your rec center. Courtclean® helps provide the sanitary conditions your facility requires. Everyone will take notice.

Courtclean: 800-900-2481

Reel It Up

Long considered one of the safest and strongest gym floor cover systems available, the advanced Gymguard® Premier Storage Rack System made by CoverSports USA features leg extenders (with four 3-inch wheels), which virtually eliminate the possibility of the rack tipping over, and six 8-inch polyurethane wheels, which distribute the weight load to six points, reducing any risk of weight damage to the floor boards. The upgraded system also has storage and carrying trays, which allow the power winder and tape to be transported with the rack. Options include power winder, tape, strategically located tape dispenser and a protective storage cover.

CoverSports USA: 800-445-6680

Floor Store

Surface America, a leader in the playground, recreational and sports surfacing industry, has been transforming what America plays on since 1993. From seamless floors to snap-together tiles, Surface America offers the ultimate in multipurpose gymnasium flooring with the industry's strongest wear coat. ElastoFloorTM , Surface America's line of seamless urethane floors, provides an ideal surface for basketball, volleyball, tennis, jogging and all other types of sport and recreational use. AmeriTileTM Indoor Sport snap-together tiles provide excellent traction while the rubber basemat absorbs both shock and sound, creating a high-performance, durable surface system.

Surface America: 800-999-0555

Innovative Flooring

Response HGTM by Sport Court® is an innovation in sports surfacing that will add beauty, safety and better performance to your facility. Only Sport Court's Response HG features SportGuardTM advance surface technology with a protective urethane coating. It will increase the life and look of your indoor sports surface for years to come.

Connor Sport Court International Inc.: 800-421-8112

Know Your Options

Kiefer Specialty Flooring offers a variety of flooring products to suit your individual needs. Whether you're looking for a wood, track, turf, weight room, gymnasium, locker room, wet area or multipurpose application, Kiefer has the right solution for you. Featuring premium products like MondoTurf EcoFillTM . Mondo Super X PerformanceTM , Mondo SportFlex MTM , Mondo AdvanceTM , Mondo Sport Impact, Mondo RamFlexTM and Connor Green PlayTM , Kiefer Specialty Flooring is sure to have the answer to your flooring needs.

Kiefer Specialty Flooring: 800-322-5448