Drinking Green

The GreenSpec® listed HVRGRN water cooler from Halsey Taylor® is approximately 50 percent more energy-efficient, consumes nearly 40 percent less water and uses less refrigerant than any other comparable water cooler in the industry. Utilizing a highly efficient refrigeration system and a lower-flow bubbler, this green model is engineered to significantly conserve both energy and water. With its stainless steel construction, the HVRGRN is manufactured from highly recyclable material and offers long-lasting durability.

Halsey Taylor: 630-574-3500

Blast Off

Water Tech offers the commercial-grade, automatic, robotic swimming pool cleaner, the Pool Blaster Blue PearlTM , which uses the latest robotic technology for one- to three-hour variable cleaning on commercial aquatic pools. The unit has super-climbing brushes to reach the toughest spots on pool walls and works with an external timer, complete with an automatic safety shut-off. This unit is the most affordable robotic cleaning on the market and can clean any large pool in two hours or less.

Water Tech Inc.: 800-298-8800

On the Ropes

Challenge TowersTM designs, builds and services unique ropes-course environments for its clients. They have a vested interest not only in their products, but also in the partnerships they build with clients. Challenge TowersTM builds incredible three-tier courses and provides PVM training, inspections and equipment as well. Your one-stop challenge-course company, they have courses in 22 states, Mexico, Ecuador and India.

Blue Ridge Learning Centers Inc.: 828-265-0602


ERC Wiping Products stocks presaturated Disinfecting Performance Wipes with a new and improved formula that kills 99.9 percent of bacteria and viruses in 15 seconds, including the flu virus and MRSA. Performance Wipes are EPA-registered and are manufactured with an antibacterial formula that cleans, deodorizes and disinfects in one easy step. Wipes are safe on most surfaces, contain no benzyl-alcohol, bleach, citrus or phenol and are packaged two rolls to a case with 700 sheets per roll. ERC Performance Wipes are a low-cost and highly effective solution for providing a healthier and safer environment for staff and children at your facility.

ERC Wiping Products Inc.: 800-225-9473

Safety Net

Protect players and spectators, and keep games and practices moving with ball containment and barrier nets from the Carron Net Company. Cost-effective and easy to install, Carron custom-manufactures ball barrier nets for all sports, including baseball, lacrosse, soccer, football and more. Indoors or outdoors, no application is too large or too small. And with a full line of standard nets, goals and cages, Carron is your one-stop sports netting source.

Carron Net Company Inc.: 800-558-7768

Compliance Stars

Pentair Water Commercial Pool and AquaticsTM is now offering new StarGuard®—a complete line of main drains, frames and grates for commercial aquatic pools and facilities. Pentair Commercial now has drains that meet ASME/ANSI A112.19.8a-2008 standards as well as the Virginia Graeme Baker Safety Act. The new StarGuard® main drains can be combined with Pentair's popular IntelliFlo® or IntelliPro® VS+SVRS pump, which provides facilities with the ability to reduce operating costs while simultaneously adding a layer of safety protection for end users. StarGuard® main drains are available in white and black and are available in 9-by-9-inch, 12-by-12-inch, 18-by-18-inch and 24-by-24 inch.

Pentair Water Commercial Pool & Aquatics: 800-831-7133

Peak Performance

The 2010 Perform Better catalog offers 76 pages of selected equipment that becomes your reliable guide to functional training. The catalog is neatly divided into 18 specific categories for easy reference. Typical categories are balance and stabilization, band and tub training, bodyweight training, cardiovascular training, flexibility and recovery, and much more. Items have been carefully pretested by the Perform Better staff for quality, function and value.

M-F Athletic: 800-556-7464