Clean-Up Time

The best way to keep your sports floors in top-notch condition is with a daily maintenance schedule. Courtclean® is the most effective way to pick up dirt and dust, and it's easy to use. Reduce maintenance costs; avoid slip-and-fall injuries; and prevent the spread of bacteria. When your floors shine they're a true reflection of your rec center. Courtclean® helps provide the clean you can see. Show your concern for the safety and sanitary conditions of your facility, and everyone will take notice.

Courtclean: 800-900-2481

Well Equipped

First Service specializes in providing gymnasium equipment to high schools, colleges, military, park and recreation districts, private clubs and corporate fitness centers nationwide. Look to First Service for what you need in basketball equipment, bleachers, divider curtains, protective padding, scoreboards and multi-purpose flooring. First Service delivers superior products at competitive pricing with excellent customer service and attention to detail.

First Service: 800-227-1742

Nothing But Net

The Pro-FoldTM II is designed for institutional use at high schools, camps, churches, tennis clubs and many other facilities. Since this product is height adjustable from 6 feet 6 inches up to 10 feet, it is multi-age compatible. Portability of this unit takes it to an advanced level. The height selector is safe and easy enough to be operated without adult supervision. It takes as little as two minutes for one person to completely fold this unit. Its quality and durability make the Pro-Fold II one of the most advanced portables on the market.

Pro-Bound Sports: 800-525-8580

Fit Grip

Full Circle Padding Inc. manufactures 20 different sizes and styles of nylon stirrup handles in its facility in Massachusetts. Selection includes fixed length and adjustable length handles, padded and non-padded from 7 inches to 30 inches. They are made of 1 ˝-inch or ľ-inch heavy-duty polypropylene webbing sewn with nylon-bonded thread backstitched multiple times for long-lasting strength. Also, with a strong PVC handle covered with a durable, soft but dense non-porous PVC grip to repel sweat and germs. Handles are either 1 Ľ inch or 2 inches in diameter. .

Full Circle Padding Inc.: 800-875-7780

Sound Off

Eckel's Eckoustic® Functional Panels (EFPs) system offers a quick, cost-effective method for reliably reducing background noise and reverberation in gyms and other athletic facilities. These v-ridged sound-absorbing unit panels combine outstanding acoustic performance, durability and easy maintenance, making them ideal for new construction and for renovation projects. EFPs can be spot located on walls and ceilings, enabling quick installation without disturbing existing facilities. The attractive yet rugged graffiti-resistant and fire-resistant EFPs are available in virtually any color desired.

Eckel Industries Inc.: 617-491-3221

Loud and Clear

Soundsphere's omnidirectional loudspeakers for gymnasiums provide intelligibility and dramatic full-range sound. A single speaker may be enough in some gyms, but when more sound power is desired than one speaker can produce, Soundsphere offers the multiple speaker Q-12A Combo systems, which maintain the single source of sound important for intelligibility in acoustically difficult spaces. With these systems there is the option of including the Q-SB2 sub bass speaker for strong, extended low frequencies.

Soundsphere: 203-386-9200