The new F7000 waterfree urinal by Falcon Waterfree Technologies introduces a splash-free bowl design and features the patented water conservation technology that's employed in all Falcon urinals. The low purchase and life cycle cost of the F7000 urinal makes it a smart choice for new construction and restroom upgrades. Patented technology provides odor-free operation and easiest maintenance while earning LEED points.

Falcon Waterfree Technologies: 866-275-3718

Where's the Water?

Waterless Co. offers a full product line of Waterless No-FlushTM urinals. After almost two decades, Waterless Co.'s fixtures remain one of the most simple and cost-effective systems on the world market. Installs like a conventional urinal without adaptors, and allows for drain access without removing the urinal. It has inexpensive trap inserts and can be refilled. As a product innovator, Waterless also offers soybean-based HPC urinals as well as spray and walk away cleaners.

Waterless Co. Inc.: 800-244-6364

Locker Line

SuperiorĀ® Lockers by List Industries Inc. now includes the ultimate custom all-wood club-style locker that features top quality, workmanship and materials. List Industries offers metal, wood and plastic lockers designed to serve the locker needs of any facility from health and sports clubs to schools and universities to professional sports arenas and stadiums.

List Industries Inc.: 800-776-1342

Wash Up

Acorn Engineering's Meridian multiple-station washbasins offer a highly customizable platform for the optimal level of function, sustainability and water savings. Units require only one plumbing connection to provide hand-washing stations in multiple basin configurations or wash stations. The result: lower installation and maintenance costs. Made from a recycled stainless steel material base, units provide years of trouble-free service.

Acorn Engineering: 626-419-5674

Generate Revenue

Smarte Carte provides revenue-generating locker solutions that are customer and facility-friendly. Smarte LockeĀ® 1000 Series lockers offer convenient RFID wristband access, while eliminating the concerns of poor security and lost keys. Smart Carte's multiple-entry feature allows guests to re-enter the locker as often as they like during their stay. The lockers include computerized management functions to monitor locker activity, maximize security and significantly reduce locker maintenance.

Smarte Carte: 800-838-1176

Fixture Mixture

The Royce Rolls Ringer Company, producers of high-quality equipment since 1925, now offers stainless-steel restroom equipment. The most popular of these fixtures is the line of toilet paper dispensers. Available to accommodate one, two, three or four rolls, the TP dispenser is easy to install, clean and refill. Made with an 18-gauge, type 304 stainless-steel frame, they resist dents, scratches or even rust. All Royce Rolls products include a 10-year guarantee against breakage.

Royce Rolls Ringer Co.: 800-253-9638

Dry Supply

Texon Towel and Supply is a leading supplier of athletic towels, bath sheets, Dandux laundry carts and laundry bags to college recreation departments, and college and professional sports teams. Texon is a long-time NIRSA Associate Member. Family-owned and -operated since 1977, trust your needs to Texon Towel and Supply. Offering a large supply of colored goods.

Texon Towel & Supply: 800-328-3966

Rebel With a Cause

Meet the Corregidoor RebelTM . Unlike other Knock Down options, this untraditional locker keeps costs in check without compromising an ounce of DeBourgh strength. Made from all welded domestic cold rolled steel, it's a tough, but economical, solution for corridor storage. For four generations, DeBourgh has worked hard to be the first choice in sustainable storage solutions. Corregidoor Rebel is available in one-, two- or three-tiered options, with solid or louvered ventilation providing 7 percent ventilation per square inch.

DeBourgh : 800-328-8829