Doggie Drink

The Model 850 SMSS is a new and uniquely designed Pet Drinking Fountain. The trough style accommodates "the Pack" while eliminating maintenance issues. The Model 850 SMSS comes standard in stainless steel and 17 colors.

Most Dependable Fountains: 800-552-6331

Doggy Do

DogiPot has some of the most environmentally conscious pet waste removal products, litter pick-up bags and liner trash bags on the market, all designed to not only help rid parks, recreation areas, campgrounds and RV parks of the unsightly, smelly nuisance of dog waste, but also minimize the environmental impact of bagged dog waste.

DogiPot: 800-364-7681

Water Works

Stern-Williams' 9000-96-SS sanitary pet fountain offers a number of new features to help keep man's best friend personally clean and refreshed as well as keeping the fountain and surroundings hygienically safe. This stainless steel pet fountain combination includes a self-closing vacuum breaker hose bibb and a 5-foot hose with hanger that allows you to rinse off any liquid marking on the pet fountain, or to give your pet a rinse. The stainless steel pipe finish will hold up against all forms of moisture. It has a vandal-resistant spout, and a slow-draining stainless steel bowl.

Stern-Williams Inc.: 913-362-5635

Don't Fence Me In

Few other park activities offer as much exercise for all ages as your dog park, so Dog-ON-It-Parks has created a complete line of outdoor agility products for your off-leash areas, including a variety of ramps, jumps, tunnels and hurdles to challenge dogs of all sizes—and their owners. All products are engineered specifically for durability in extreme public park settings. In addition to agility activities, Dog-ON-It-Parks offers a complete line of dog park accessories, including benches, shelters, pick-up baggie dispensers, a life-size fire hydrant, dog sculptures and dog drinking fountains.

Dog-On-It Parks: 877-348-3647

Wash Down

All Paws Pet Washes are a hit. All Paws Pet Wash offers a self-service, freestanding pet wash vending station that allows safe and easy care for all sized pets. These pet washes are fully assembled and delivered to your site. The unit is ready to connect to your utilities, perfect for any recreational or residential community. Your new All Paws Pet Wash is sure to create a tail waggin' good time.

All Paws Pet Wash: 800-537-8231


PetMitten is a low-cost, low-maintenance pet waste pick-up solution. Oxy-biodegradable PetMittens really are mittens, making them easier to use than bags. Thick, opaque and extra-large, PetMittens eliminate the need for costly "double bagging." After use, the PetMitten is simply rolled inside out and tied off, making a discreet and inoffensive container for easy disposal. The lockable, heavy-duty aluminum dispenser holds 500 single-dispensing PetMittens and locks with a padlock. A welded mounting bracket for easy installation, stainless steel hasp and hinge for longevity, and gravity-fed dispensing with no moving parts ensure the dispenser is reliable and low-maintenance.

PetMitten: 800-738-6488