Turf Performance

Most synthetic turf systems feature essentially identical designs, but if your needs skew to performance, not simply price, you will want to explore AstroTurf® GameDay GrassTM 3D+. Introduced recently in its final firms at the Rogers Centre for the Toronto Blue Jays, 3D+ is the culmination of AstroTurf® experience, resources and customer research going back decades. Available with several fiber choices, each engineered to best meet your specific use and sports demands.

AstroTurf: 800-723-TURF (8873)

Surface Solutions

Mondo offers a wide variety of sport and commercial surfaces that can meet the requirements of any recreational facility whether big or small. Mondo produces world-class surfaces for fitness and recreation centers, gymnasiums, ice arenas, weight rooms, locker rooms, aerobic rooms, indoor and outdoor jogging tracks, and artificial turf fields. Mondo understands the relationship between the surface and the sport practiced on it.

Mondo America, Inc.: 800-361-3747

Skate On

SkateMaster is a specially formulated, 100 percent acrylic coating designed to withstand the rigors of competitive inline skating. SkateMaster is applied to asphalt or concrete pavement, providing a surface that is ideal for inline hockey or casual skating. Ice Blue and Dove Gray are hockey colors designed for puck contrast. Additional colors are available using the ColorPlus system. Line Paints are available for game lines.

SportMaster: 800-326-1994

Soften It Up

Dinoflex NuVista Recycled Rubber Tiles replace hard surfacing in many exterior applications. Maintaining a focus on the environment and reducing the impact of waste in our landfills, Dinoflex utilizes trimming, edges and returned "end of life" flooring to produce the NuVista Tile. With its porous, impact-absorbing and slip-resistant characteristics the NuVista Tile is perfect for landscaping, entryways and rooftop applications. As an added value, NuVista Tiles help qualify for LEED certification credits.

Dinoflex Group LP: 877-713-1899

Choice Court

TecnoTileTM has created a low-density polyethylene (LDPE), which is easier to use. It has the versatility to be installed and removed at will. Two size tiles are used to create the perfect court, using the smaller one for boundary lines. No painting is ever needed, and it is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. This softer material can help prevent fatigue and possible injuries, which are usually caused by playing on harder plastic tile surface materials (HDP, HDPE, HIPP). Use it for temporary or permanent renovations or installations.

Tecnotile: 910-315-2797

All-Season Stickiness

In this picture, game lines for a synthetic turf field are being bonded to seaming tape using NORDOT® Adhesive. These one-part curing urethanes are formulated for year-round use in all types of outdoor environments (hot, cold, damp, dry, windy, etc.) so you don't have to wait for ideal conditions. Their high green strength (grab) helps avoid installation problems such as "seam curl" and "wind lift."

Synthetic Surfaces Inc.: 908-233-6803

Home Court Advantage

Giver your small facility the home court advantage with HomeCourt Snap-Together tiles from Mateflex. You can have it all—basketball, paddle tennis, hockey, volleyball, badminton, shuffleboard, pickle ball, and dozens of other games. A Mateflex HomeCourt is an excellent way to create an exciting recreational area. The HomeCourt tile incorporates a leaf spring type flex joint system. This provides controlled lateral give during play for reduced leg stress and greater player comfort, conforms to minor undulations in the substrate, and controls thermal expansion.

Mateflex: 800-926-3539

A Little Cushion

Precision cushioning for precision sports performance, Regupol Abzorb prefabricated turf shock padding is the perfect complement to a well-constructed artificial turf product. Abzorb is manufactured using a proprietary process that ensures consistent density, thickness, feel and resilience—for uniform shock absorption and elasticity, and enhanced athlete safety.

Regupol America: 800-537-8737