Test Time

Gmax testing is an integral part of synthetic turf field management. Testing should be performed annually. Turf Diagnostics' testing is performed to current ASTM standards. Flexible testing times are available to meet the needs of heavy-use fields. Testing programs can be customized to meet your needs. Evaluate field conditions and demonstrate that your fields meet industry standards. Be proactive. Limit liability. Protect your athletes and your investment.

Turf Diagnostics & Design: 913-723-3700

Need for Speed

The UBU Sports Speed Series S5-M is engineered to be the ultimate firm and fast surface. Made with UBU's exclusive Harmony slit-film fiber and a mixture of sand and rubber infill, the Speed Series S5-M will give your athletes the confidence they need to perform to their maximum potential. SMG and the New Orleans Saints selected this surface to be installed in the Superdome and practice facility in the summer of 2010.

UBU Sports: 800-828-8700

Higher Standards

The high standard of FIFA installed fields, sub-base/turf/construction is now established to do business in the United States. It will be under the Edel Grass U.S.A. banner. Edel Grass is one of the five FIFA preferred companies in the world. The FIFA signature ensures the client, regardless of field type, that the complete installation will be positioned to receive FIFA recognition. Edel Grass's 25 years of experience in manufacturing and installation will spearhead a new signature client benefit, continuing their commitment to excellence.

Edel Grass U.S.A.: 704-904-8968

Super Fiber

FieldTurf Duraspine PRO provides the ultimate surfacing solution. FieldTurf's spined fiber, long renowned for its durability and resistance to matting, is now coupled with the latest in polymer technology. This patented combination delivers perfectly natural characteristics and the softest fiber, within one of the most durable turf system's ever introduced.

FieldTurf: 800-724-2969

Run On

Beynon Sports Surfaces has launched yet another innovative track and field product and has set a new standard in athletic performance. The BSS 3000 IAAF certified system has been designed for faster times and fewer surface-related injuries. The product efficiently converts impact energy into kinetic energy, thus leading to faster times. It is important to note that, unlike other track products in the industry, the BSS 3000 does not contain any SBR.

Beynon Sports Surfaces: 888-240-3670

Keep It Clean

PSF 110 is an advanced formulation of enzymes specifically for synthetic turf and other sports indoor and outdoor surfaces. PSF 110 introduces a revolutionary new process of turf cleaning and decontamination. PSF 110 replaced chemical cleaners and disinfectants, and quickly eliminates infectious bacteria, mold, mildew, viruses and germs. It is neutral pH, nontoxic, non-caustic, chemical-free and totally harmless to humans and the environment. PSF 110 performs at high temperatures, up to 170 degrees.

Professional Sports Field Services: 888-593-6013

Field Advance

TigerTurf Americas offers advanced synthetic sports fields, landscape and playground products throughout North and Latin America. A member of TigerTurf International, one of the largest turf manufacturers in the world, the company operates from a full-service manufacturing facility in Austin, Texas. TigerTurf's newest product, TigerPlayTM , accommodates all types of games (basketball, hopscotch, tennis and more) with its low pile height. It's created for year-round use and is available in a broad array of colors for inviting use and creativity.

TigerTurf Americas: 512-782-8175

Plush Plus

A-Turf® introduced A-Turf Titan. Designed with alternating rows of Mono and Premier XP fibers, this dual fiber construction offers the plushest turf surface. A-Turf's dense fiber construction, combined with ideal infill volume and grade, provides the perfect balance of traction and foot release. With a comprehensive choice of infill—including rubber and sand or rubber only—coaches can match the surface to their needs. Ask about A-Turf's 12-year warranty.

A-Turf: 888-777-6910