One-Stop Surface Shop

Kiefer Specialty Flooring Inc. is an athletic surface design and installation company featuring high-quality products from manufacturers like Mondo, ECORE, Pavigym and Connor Sports Flooring. Kiefer is your one destination for rubber, synthetic, turf and wood surfaces for track, multipurpose, gymnasium, basketball, football, soccer, weight room, locker room and commercial facilities.

Kiefer Specialty Flooring Inc.: 800-322-5448

Turf Protection

Covermaster Inc. is a proven leader in turf protection. Today 90 percent of NFL stadiums and MLB ballparks, and 70 percent of MLS teams rely on a Covermaster turf cover—a very convincing share of market. There's a cover for every specific need, including a complete line of TERRAPLAS Turf Protection (pictured) and EVERGREEN Turf Blankets. Whether natural grass or artificial turf, the Covermaster people have the know-how and expertise to provide protection against rain and snow to preserve the playability of any sports field.

Covermaster inc.: 800-387-5808

A New Generation

Athletic & Recreation Products Inc. offers ARP-PlatinumTM Turf Systems, the next generation of synthetic turf. First, there was no-fly-out. Now, ARP has eliminated tremendous surface heat on synthetic turf fields with Cool-Touch infill granules that absorb minimal radiation. This cool, no-fly-out system stabilizes footing and prevents athlete's exposure to injury. Low maintenance and all-weather playability, using the densest fibers available.

Athletic & Recreation Products Inc.: 877-439-0321

Bridge to Somewhere

Track Mat by Turtle Plastics protects your running track from cleats, turf equipment and vehicles. The 12-inch square Turtle Tiles are welded into 4-by-4-foot sections in your school colors. They are easy to install and easy to remove and store at the end of the season. Simply snap the sections together and add beveled edges for an attractive pathway across your track. Made from 100 percent recycled plastic in the United States, Track Mat provides drainage for a safe, slip-resistant surface for all kinds of foot traffic.

Turtle Plastics Co.: 800-756-6635

Like New

NGI Sports TitanTrax Shield®-TN is an affordable and durable surfacing option for cracked tennis courts. The Shield is thermally and dimensionally stable and remains unaffected by temperature changes, the major cause of court cracking. The Shield covers the entire tennis court surface, protecting both cracked areas and pavement sections that have not yet cracked due to Mother Nature's various moods. The weatherproofing feature of the Shield sheets moisture off of the court, protecting the underlying asphalt or concrete from moisture infiltration.

NGI Sports: 800-835-0033

Fields of Dreams

Alpine Services Inc. constructs and renovates premium athletic fields for all sports, installing them with exceptional accuracy. Alpine's precision grading, design and carefully installed drainage produce distinctly superior natural and synthetic turf fields. Alpine builds fields to fit various budgets and sites.

Alpine Services Inc.: 800-292-8420