Play It Safe

SofTILE is a durable playground surfacing system that locks in place, is vandal resistant and class A fire rated. SofTILE's fall protection ratings exceed national standards by up to 50 percent. SofTILE carries the industry's only 10-year warranty that includes guaranteed compliance with fall protection standards. SofSurfaces' DuraSAFE series is safety rated to the tops of playground safety barriers at no additional cost to the owner—three additional feet of safety margin for free.

SofSurfaces: 800-263-2363

Cleanup Time

Protect your patrons and facility from lurking contaminants and the ravages of disease. GymWipes FORCE is an EPA-registered disinfectant product designed to clean and safely sanitize all health club surfaces and equipment. FORCE provides hospital-grade protection against 50 pathogens including CA-MRSA and the H1N1 virus. The freshly scented formula contains no phenol, bleach or alcohol. Stands and wall mounts are available.

2XL Corporation: 888-977-3726

In Style

Function meets fashion as PDC introduces dozens of new wristbands in the 2011 VIP Band Wristbands Catalog. The Expressions line of Tyvek Wristbands offers venues a variety of preprinted designs such as Patriotic, Child Safety, Monkeys, Tiki, Over 21 and more that can be used for general admission or special access. Custom printing also available.

Precision Dynamics Corporation: 800-255-1865

Noise Control

The attractive, high-acoustic-performance Eckoustic® Functional Panels (EFPs) provide a simple, convenient, cost-effective method for reducing background noise and reverberation in indoor recreational/athletic facilities. EFPs—V-ridge independent panels with superb sound-absorption properties—can be easily and quickly installed without disturbing existing utilities. These fire-resistant, graffiti-resistant wall and ceiling panels can be obtained in virtually any color.

Eckel Industries Inc.: 617-491-3221

Equip Your Site

Kay Park-Rec Corp. has been manufacturing "America's Finest" park equipment since 1954. The catalog features outdoor tables, grills, benches, bleachers, litter receptacles, ash containers, planters, pedal boats, umbrellas, drinking fountains and more. Products come in a variety of materials and styles. Sure to have something for every setting.

Kay Park-Rec Corp.: 800-553-2476

Expand Your Options

Add a new profit center to your business and extend your client base. All Paws Pet Wash offers a self-service, freestanding pet wash that allows safe and easy care for all sized pets. The pet washes are fully assembled and delivered to your site. The unit is ready to connect to your utilities, perfect for any recreational or residential community. Your new All Paws Pet Wash is sure to create a tail-waggin' good time.

All Paws Pet Wash: 800-537-8231

Outdoor Superstore

Belson Outdoors is celebrating its 63rd year serving the needs of the park and recreation industry. Belson provides outstanding customer service and offers a large selection of quality products. Choose from picnic tables, park benches, trash receptacles, fire rings, camp stoves, bleachers, drinking fountains, tables, tents, site amenities, playground equipment, commercial barbecue grills and much more.

Belson Outdoors Inc.: 800-323-5664

Clean and Clear

Engineered Treatment Systems LLC (ETS) is a leader in ultraviolet technology. UV is a non-chemical approach to continually reduce harmful chloramines, a byproduct of chlorine use. Patrons, swimmers and staff will be protected from enhanced irritation. UV as supplemental disinfection destroys chlorine-resistant pathogens like Cryptosporidium with no byproducts. ETS provides nationwide support and offers a five-year warranty.

Engineered Treatment Systems LLC: 877-885-4628