High Alert

The Wahooo® Swim Monitor System is a revolutionary product designed to help mitigate drowning risk in guarded aquatic facilities, including lakes, rivers and pools. Designed with the guidance of leading aquatic safety experts, the Wahooo SMS provides a tireless layer of additional protection for your patrons and staff. The distressed-swimmer locator works even in murky water. Installation in one day with virtually no maintenance required.

Wahooo: 888-439-9246

The Perfect Trap

Pulsar®'s 2-Stage Polymeric System "PRS" (particle removal system) traps 99.9 percent of Cryptosporidium on the pool's filter and keeps it safely away from your patrons. All Pulsar® products are supported by a national network of authorized dealers who specialize in commercial aquatic equipment, supplies and service.

Arch Chemicals Inc.: 800-432-1223