Rock On

SHOTRock climbing wall systems bring the natural beauty of rock realism to your facility. SHOTRock is sculpted to replicate the look of any rock found in nature—granite, sandstone, basalt, limestone and more—and the heavy, solid GFRC surface truly feels and climbs like rock. Hand-sculpted by climbing wall artists and fully customizable, it is ideal for low profile and wet/dry applications. The SHOTRock system includes modular handholds and can also be climbed using extensive "built-in" climbing holds.

Eldorado Climbing Walls: 303-447-0512

Skate On It

Spohn Ranch believes that designing a municipal skatepark should not limit the ability to create visually striking architecture where the innovation of skaters can truly flourish. In an effort to bring skateboarding back to its artistic roots, Spohn Ranch is pioneering the use of "Skateable Art" sculptures in skatepark and mixed-use public space design.

Spohn Ranch: 877-489-3539


Spectrum Sports International introduced a new vertical ropes course, the Climb-N-Challenge. Climbers tackle three obstacles to reach the 24-foot summit while safely attached to an auto-belay. The "Tremor Ladder" presents rungs of different sizes spaced unevenly and on angles. The "Tire Climb" is both challenging and visually stimulating. "The Wall" is the final challenge and combines a knotted rope with a classic climbing wall. Available in both stationary and mobile configurations.

Spectrum Sports Intl: 888-563-0163

Wild Things

Jungle Rock by Sport Rock Int'l features bold, beautiful, sculpted animal figures intricately carved and revealed within a boulder. Used as a climbing structure for parks, playgrounds and camps, or a stunning piece of functional art for entries, zoos, resorts/hotels or public art projects. Fabricated using durable, recycled green materials, the lightweight Jungle Rock is shipped to your project in one piece for easy installation. Five-year structural warranty.

Sport Rock International Inc.: 805-481-5686

Visualize This

Climb in the mountains surrounded by bears, bugs and birds, or climb into the ocean with exciting sea life. You can even feature your organization's logo, mascot or theme in a custom design. Professionally illustrated, Mural Climbing Walls are unique and offer the same fitness opportunities and fun as standard traverse climbing walls.

Everlast: 800-476-7366

Serious Climbing

Treadwall® KORE Series is a radically new Treadwall offering a compact footprint and whisper-quiet operation. Designed specifically for serious climbing, the Kore is a stripped-down and streamlined version of the newer-generation Treadwalls. The Kore comes as a fixed overhanging wall, which can be installed at 35, 30 or 25 degrees off vertical. As always, users can choose self-paced or continuous climbing combined with proven motor-free engineering and a comfortable wooden climbing surface.

Brewers Ledge: 800-707-9616

Water Challenge

Wibit modular challenges elevate the excitement level and the attraction. Kids of all ages and abilities just can't get enough of Wibit challenges, whether during open play or an organized event. Create your own age-appropriate challenge courses for birthday party rentals, teen nights or "family feud" to get everyone in on the action. Custom modular configurations are available for pool or waterfront.

Commercial Recreation Specialists Inc.: 877-896-8442