Portable or Permanent

Aeson's Compass Flooring SystemTM is a portable and/or permanent floor system that assembles in all directions and installs in less than half the time of traditional portable systems. No tools, screws or adhesives are needed. The system's innovative locking mechanism provides near-effortless installation. Available in multiple configurations, Compass may be pre-fitted with nearly any surface, including solid hardwood, vinyl or colored surfaces. Its fully sprung, adaptable, shock-absorbent layer provides a custom configuration for aerobics, sport and athletic activities.

Aeson Flooring Systems: 800-523-0960

In the Know

MFMA is the authoritative source of innovative technical information for maple and sports flooring systems. MFMA establishes product quality, Performance and Uniformity Standards (PUR), installation guidelines, maintenance issues and promotes the use of maple flooring products worldwide. MFMA has combined all its information in one place, the MFMA Sourcebook. Request a free copy at

Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association: 847-480-9138

Greener Floors

U.S. Rubber Sportfloor Systems has been in the business of providing rubber flooring products for more than 25 years. Best known for the Survivor brand rolled sports floor, the company's products are green by nature, made from recycled automobile and truck tires. U.S. Rubber's products are built tough to last and very easy to maintain. U.S. Rubber can help make your job easier by making your facility better.

U.S. Rubber Sportfloor Systems: 888-473-8453

Safe and Sound

The custom-engineered COVERMATE IITM represents a breakthrough in gymnasium safety. The system's main attractions are the retractable outriggers that reduce the risk of tipping. Also, the yellow end collars on each roller prevent fingers from getting pinched between the roller and the roller bracket. Special safety bolts that attach each roller bracket to the main frame hold each roller captive to prevent it from popping up. The six casters, two of which are offset, reduce the floor point load by 33 percent, while foot-operated locks anchor the system securely to the floor.

Covermaster: 800-387-5808

Indoor Turf

Looking for the best for your indoor arena or sports facility? Challenger Industries introduced Duraplay® Elite XP. DPXP is powered by the ultra premium Tapeslide XP yarn and comes standard on a 5mm foam backing. The 8mm and 10mm foam backing options are also available via custom order, and Velcro seams can be sewn on to make your field portable.

Challenger Industries: 800-334-8873

Tough Tiles

Designed for application under heavy equipment and free weight areas, Everlast with Nike Grind's patented, modular UltraTiles are engineered to provide the ultimate in cushioned, high-quality support. The footed tiles surpass the shock absorption qualities of any other fitness floor and are available with the unique dowel rod fastening system for quick installation and easy tile replacement. UltraTile is available in 16 standard patterns and offers a 15-year limited warranty.

Ecore/Everlast: 888-383-7655

Take Advantage

Mondo's high-performance, multipurpose, durable surfaces have been installed in facilities nationwide. Mondo's vulcanized gymnasium surfaces advantages include: performance with excellent traction, ease of maintenance and outstanding durability; comfort and safety with a Class 1 fire code rating, antimicrobial and antibacterial throughout, slip resistance, ADA compliance and outstanding sound-absorption properties; and durability and environmental friendliness, with outstanding static and rolling load characteristics, 100 percent recyclable material and Greenguard certification.

Mondo America Inc.: 450-967-5820

Meet Compete

The safety, durability and versatility of Parterre Flooring's Compete product line of wood visual resilient sports floors make it ideal for many applications, including schools, health clubs, churches, multipurpose facilities, healthcare/rehabilitation facilities, aerobic/dance studios, multi-family housing and more. It offers unsurpassed shock absorption and safety, plus a urethane coated surface for easy maintenance. Compete meets the five major sports floor criteria of shock absorption, energy restitution, vertical deformation, slip resistance and ball bounce.

Parterre Flooring: 888-338-1029