Spring Fling

The AquaPill "SpringPill" offers a patented pre-measured release delivery system that is perfect for using when opening recreational aquatic facilities in the spring. The Spring Pill effectively improves the quality and appearance of pool water with an all-natural, hypoallergenic formula. The SpringPill will prevent scum lines, clarify the water and improve filter efficiency. SpringPill can be used with all types of sanitizers, all pool surfaces and will not affect pool chemistry, making the opening of swimming pools easier than ever.

HaloSource Inc.: 866-995-5327

Air Pump

Otterbine Barebo expanded its Air Flo 2 diffused air system product line with 2-dome and 1-dome diffuser manifold options. Due to varying depths in most ponds and lakes, Otterbine's Air Flo 2 Module Systems permit the user to achieve maximum performance efficiencies by determining and placing properly sized manifolds at appropriate locations based off the depth and need of aeration throughout the water feature. Otterbine's Air Flo 2 Diffused Aeration System is energy efficient, corrosion-resistant, features no electrical connections in the water and operates at depths up to 40 feet.

Otterbine Barebo: 800-237-8837

Keep Your Water

AquatainTM is a unique silicone-based liquid that spreads across the water surface, forming a thin film that reduces evaporation by as much as 50 percent. On average, a pool with a 400-square-foot surface can lose as much as 300 gallons of water per week due to evaporation. In heated swimming pools, Aquatain will reduce heat loss allowing your pool to stay warmer longer. It reduces water loss and saves on your energy bill. Far simpler and cheaper than a standard pool cover.

Carmel Aquatics: 800-694-4414