Doggy Do

Dog parks generate more outdoor recreation for the investment than almost any other activity in your parks. Why not make your dog park more of a destination with agility equipment and site furniture from Dog-ON-It-Parks? Choose from more than a dozen innovative dog park exercise components, and a wide variety of specialized dog park furnishings like fire hydrants, benches, dog drinking fountains, pick-up bag dispensers and more.

DoG-on-it-parks: 877-348-3647

Special Sponsors

Facing budget constraints and pet waste complaints? Mutt Mitts can help by offering the option to custom-print sponsorships on the Mitts. Every community has a veterinarian or pet shop. Solicit them or other civic-minded businesses to sponsor your Mutt Mitt program. They get advertising that hits their target market every time, is cheaper than the yellow pages, and serves a need in their community.

Intelligent Products Inc.: 800-697-6084

Drink Up

Now there is a Trough Style pet fountain for your pet park. This drinking fountain provides a gathering place for tail-wagging and thirst-quenching for the canine crowd. Multiple-usage space makes it pet-friendly. Incredible low maintenance due to the trough design makes it people-friendly. And, it is environmentally sound and sturdy. The Model 850 SMSS comes standard in stainless steel and 17 colors.

Most Dependable Fountains, Inc.: 800-552-6331

Washing Up

Add a new amenity to your pet-friendly recreational facility. All Paws Pet Wash offers a self-service, freestanding pet wash vending station for pets large and small. Perfect for all types of recreational applications, your pet wash vending stations are fully assembled and delivered to your site, ready to connect to your utilities. An All Paws Pet Wash is sure to create a tail-waggin' good time.

All Paws Pet Wash Mfg. : 800-537-8231

Easy Pickup

PetMitten is a convenient and economical pet waste pick-up solution. Oxy-biodegradable PetMittens are extra-large, thick and opaque. Easier to use than a bag, PetMittens make poop duty inoffensive, and their size and thickness prevent costly "double bagging." After use, the PetMitten is simply rolled inside out and tied off to make a discreet container for disposal. The compact, heavy-duty dispenser holds 500 PetMittens. It locks using a padlock and master key. Simple gravity-fed, tissue-style dispensing ensures reliability. The attached mounting bracket allows easy installation on a wall or post.

PetMitten: 800-738-6488