Gym Outfitter

First Service specializes in providing gymnasium equipment to high schools, colleges, military, park and recreation districts, private clubs and corporate fitness centers nationwide. Look to First Service for the best in basketball and volleyball equipment, bleachers, divider curtains, protective padding, scoreboards and multipurpose flooring. First Service will deliver superior products at competitive prices with excellent customer service and attention to detail.

First Service: 800-227-1742

Score More

Pro-Bound Sports new and improved Score-Pro Portable Score Table features new added top padding for improved player protection and safety, as well as improved cosmetics and design. The lightweight construction makes for ease of mobility and storage, and the table comfortably seats up to four. The tabletop area features four 110 electrical outlets and two pre-drilled cable access openings. Four 3-inch fully pivoting wheels make moving the unit from storage to courtside a breeze. Optional screen printing for front panels is available—a great place to show off your school logo or mascot.

Pro-Bound Sports: 800-525-8580

Shoot and Score

Bison Y-Beam Ceiling Suspended Structures are available as rear/front/side-fold or stationary. Y-Beams feature a 6-inch heavy-duty center beam. Bison uses only ASTM A500 seamless structural tubing with greater strength and rigidity than common black pipe. Y-Beams are fully jig welded at the factory to ensure proper installation and eliminate possible clamp slippage. All clamps, pivot points and hangers use no less than Grade 5 hardware. Gray or black powder coating.

Bison Inc.: 800-247-7668

Cover Up

The custom-engineered COVERMATE IITM represents a breakthrough in gymnasium safety. The system's main attraction is retractable outriggers that reduce the risk of tipping. Also, the yellow end collars on each roller prevent fingers from getting pinched between the roller and the roller bracket. Special safety bolts that attach each roller bracket to the main frame hold each roller captive to prevent it from popping up. The six casters, two of which are offset, reduce the floor point load by 33 percent, while foot-operated locks anchor the system securely to the floor.

Covermaster: 800-387-5808

Simple Things

Look for the Easy-Up Youth Goal in Bison's catalog, then call Future Pro to get Bison equipment at the most competitive prices. A 6-in-1 Easy-Up adjusts goal height from 6 ˝ feet to 9 feet in 6-inch increments. One person can install this backboard/goal combination over any style or make of goal and backboard. No tools are required, and it will not damage the existing goal. Backboard is 48-by-32-inch high-impact ABS plastic with a lifetime limited warranty.

Future Pro Inc.: 800-328-4625

Shout Out

Soundsphere's Q-Combo 3 loudspeaker system provides a powerful single-source speaker system where clear voice announcements and high-fidelity music with strong bass frequencies are required at high sound pressure levels. Consisting of two Model Q-12A loudspeakers, a Q-SB2 sub bass speaker and mounting brackets, the Q-Combo 3 features hemispherical dispersion for even coverage of sound, ideal for gymnasiums and recreation centers.

Soundsphere: 203-386-9200

Sustainable Comfort

The 12 to 20-foot Element® from the Big Ass Fan Company improves comfort and reduces year-round energy bills in fitness and recreation spaces. Just one 12-foot Element covers more than 36 small ceiling fans at just a quarter of the operating cost. The airflow from Element creates an evaporative cooling effect, lowering perceived temperatures and reducing reliance on air conditioning as a means of achieving comfort. Built to last, the fully customizable Element carries a 10-year non-prorated warranty with factory installation.

Big Ass Fan Company: 877-244-3267


Carron divider nets and curtains allow gyms, fieldhouses and recreation centers to be divided into a variety of combinations to take full advantage of available space. Carron can design netting or mesh-and-vinyl divider systems to suit nearly any floor configuration. And, with a full line of high-quality sports nets and accessories, Carron is your one-stop net source.

Carron Net Company Inc.: 800-558-7768