Water, Water Anywhere

Ideal for water exercise and therapy, the WaterWell provides chest-deep water in a freestanding package that fits just about anywhere. The WaterWell's unique combination of heat, water and motion gives many people a respite from chronic pain and stiffness, improves circulation, increases flexibility and relieves muscle spasms. Easy to install in new or existing rooms, all components fit easily through doorways and down stairs. Available in a variety of sizes and depths, the WaterWell is perfect for your fitness goals.

Endless Pools: 866-558-7946

Simple Access

The Traveler Lift® is an ADA/ABA compliant pool lift that is self-operable from the deck and water. It is battery powered, features a robust operating system and has a 500-pound lifting capacity. Spectrum Aquatics offers a wide variety of therapy and rehabilitation products for pools and spas including additional ADA compliance pool/spa lifts, therapy ladders, steps and more.

Spectrum Products: 800-791-8056

Learn and Grow

Indoor rock climbing is a dynamic way to work with children who have physical, sensory, communication, social-emotional or cognitive disabilities. The patented Dry-EraseTM Traverse WallTM by Everlast ClimbingTM features a smooth, -on/wipe-off surface and handholds of varying difficulty levels to accommodate individual needs. The patented Mat LockingTM System provides a safe landing surface for climbers and secures the wall when not in use.

Spectrum Sports International: 800-476-7366

Need a Lift?

LifeGuard Power Lift is an ADA-compliant, battery-powered pool and spa lift. This value package includes anchor, extra battery, dual controls, locking control box, handicap pool lift sign and battery charger with automatic shutoff protection. The lift has a 350-pound weight capacity and 360-degree rotation.

LifeGuard Lift Inc.: 800-688-3958

Underwater Training

The HydroWorx X80 portable underwater treadmill and jet machine turns your static pool into a highly functional rehab and fitness experience by providing gait training, balance enhancements and confidence building for your patients and athletes. This portable underwater treadmill offers low-impact cardio and also comes with an integrated resistance jet for enhanced rehabilitation and conditioning. By attaching a massage hose to the fully adjustable resistance jet, you can soothe aching joints and muscles with a deep tissue massage

HydroWorx: 800-753-9633

In the Current

SwimEx pools are the only aquatic therapy pools with: a paddlewheel propulsion system to create a smooth, fully adjustable river-like current; a current strong enough to hold up even the biggest athletes and gentle enough to treat a frail patient; the most workstations in the industry for core stabilization, range of motion exercises and open and closed chain exercises; a full range of sizes, depths and designs to meet your organization's needs; the Woodway treadmill, which combines with the SwimEx laminar flow to deliver the industry's most challenging running/walking workout, making conditioning and protocol possibilities unlimited.

SwimEx: 800-877-7946