Wash & Dry

Laundry Loops® are a time- and money-saving alternative to mesh bags and brass pins—for managing daily laundry of teams and groups. Garments stay sorted while they wash and dry. Clothes get cleaner and dry in half the time required for mesh bags. Eliminates snagged garments and dented dryer drums caused by brass pins. Laundry Loop® with Sock Snare (Pat. 6,038,748) is the original laundry strap—and it's still the most efficient way to manage group laundry.

Laundry Loops Inc.: 888-246-5667

Super Supplier

Since 1977, family-owned and -operated Texon Towel and Supply provides athletic towels, hand towels, laundry bags, laundry carts and mesh laundry bags to universities, clubs, professional sports and military. Texon offers speedy service and excellent pricing. White, striped and colored towels are available.

Texon Towel and Supply Company: 800-328-3966

Fine Fixtures

The Royce Rolls Ringer Company, producer of high-quality equipment since 1925, now offers stainless steel restroom equipment. The most popular of these fixtures is the line of toilet paper dispensers. Available to accommodate one, two, three or four rolls, the TP dispenser is easy to install, clean and refill. Made with an 18-gauge, type 304 stainless steel frame, they resist dents, scratches and even rust. All Royce Rolls products include a 10-year guarantee against breakage.

Royce Rolls Ringer Co.: 800-253-9638

Tough Towels

A-1 Textiles offers the complete line of Golden Mills towels. Golden Mills Towels are manufactured to withstand constant washing, bleaching and over-drying and still be soft, white and absorbent for the end user. With six shipping points nationwide and an option of seven different levels of quality/price, A-1 Textiles has the perfect towel to cover all your needs.

A-1 Textiles: 800-351-1819

Happy Hands

Bobrick Washroom Equipment Inc. introduced the TrimLine Series Surface-Mounted Warm-Air Hand Dryers, featuring a 4-inch projection for ADA and barrier-free compliance and low-profile architectural styling. Available in 70 percent recycled satin-finish stainless steel or white-coated steel covers with black trim and side panels. Features include an optimum balance of fast drying time and a moderate sound level.

Bobrick: 800-553-1600

Accessory Alternatives

As an alternative to traditional and boxy-looking washroom accessories, Bradley introduces a curvier and more contemporary style with its new DiplomatTM Series. With more than 50 product models available—the widest selection in its class—the unique, dual-curve geometry design of Diplomat's dispensers and receptacles offers a sleek and elegant finishing touch. Made of polished stainless steel, the Diplomat Series is highly durable for even the highest-traffic restrooms.

Bradley Corp.: 800-BRADLEY (272-3539)

Bench Boosters

Benches are an easy way to add color in your team's locker room and complement team spirit. Pilot Rock locker room benches are available in plastic-coated steel or 100 percent recycled plastic. All components are resistant to hard use and moisture. Mix or match the frame and seat colors with up to 10 color choices. Freestanding, floor-mount and wall-mount benches are available.

R.J. Thomas Mfg. Co. Inc.: 800-762-5002

Fully Loaded

Scranton Products Tufftec Lockers are made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) formulated from a homogenous color throughout compound, making it one of the most durable, cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing products in the industry. Tufftec lockers outperform metal, wood or phenolic lockers, providing years of everyday low-maintenance advantages. Tufftec lockers will not rust, are impact- and dent-resistant, impermeable to moisture, power-washable, resistant to mildews and odors, will not delaminate and are scratch and graffiti resistant.

Scranton Products: 800-445-5148