Hey Batter!

The Super Series Batting Tunnel is constructed from #36 knotted nylon with a 320-pound breaking test. The black, 1 ľ inch baseball mesh is hung on the square for minimal sag and superior appearance. Nets are injected with weather and UV inhibitors during the extrusion process, creating superior weather protection, UV resistance and waterproofing. Heavy-duty "S" poly ropes are woven and sewn around the top perimeter, down the top center length and down all four corners. Features reduced seam construction, weighted bottom rope, entry flap and a built-in net saver.

M.A.S.A.: 800-264-4519

Safer Sliding

Soft Touch Bases manufactures the safest, most durable bases on the market. Soft Touch's patented Progressive Release® design releases the base with just the right amount of force, allowing for more aggressive play. The product line includes: permanent bases; spike-down bases for game-time installation; adaptable bases for multiple mounting stations; and indoor bases.

Soft Touch Bases: 866-544-2077


Keeper Goals Batting Cages are safe, durable and easy to install. Remove daily or seasonally in minutes. With only three posts at each end, the Outdoor Tensioned Batting Cage System is easy to set up. Once the poles are set, it takes two people just 10 minutes to install or remove the cage net—without ladders. Support poles are spaced beyond the net and end panels, eliminating ricochets from hit balls. Available for baseball and softball.

Keeper Goals: 800-594-5126

Off the Wall

Use Sport Resource Group's patented ProWall® and ProWall® Ice dasher systems to add action to your camp, school, recreation center or community. Designed to combine the best traits of the traditional dasherboard system with those of newer, more portable systems, ProWall® is the perfect sport containment system for ice hockey, inline hockey, floor hockey, dek hockey, soccer, gaga, futsal, lacrosse, indoor football and more.

Sport Resource Group: 612-584-3030

One-Stop Shop

Draper has 10 outdoor basketball backstops, including stationary and height-adjustable units, and back-to-back systems. Draper offers official-size high school and collegiate football goalposts, volleyball nets and posts, and soccer goalposts and nets, plus various benches, bike racks, tetherball and tennis fixtures.

Draper Inc.: 765-856-1230

Cart Smart

The S&S Worldwide Classic Equipment Cart features a large holding capacity for all types of equipment, particularly ball storage. Rugged construction with 3/16-inch all welded steel powder coated wire with 3-inch square mesh, four heavy-duty swivel wheels and a hinged cover that can be locked. Assembles in seconds, no tools required. Holds up to 24 basketballs, soccer balls or playground balls.

S&S Worldwide: 800-243-9232

Field Outfitter

L.A. Steelcraft Products Traditional Backstops feature schedule 40 galvanized steel pipe, chain link fabric in 2-inch – 9 gauge HDG/KK with five rear and three side-wing planks. Reinforced with 12 truss-rod wing-panel sections. Heavy-duty galvanized steel construction. Custom sizes available. All traditional backstops come with 2-by-12-inch Douglas Fir planking. Arched and Full-Size Permanent Backstops with Hoods also available.

L.A. Steelcraft products: 800-371-2438

Something Different

Disc golf is one of the fastest-growing and best lifetime sports. Construction and maintenance costs for a disc golf course are inexpensive. DGA provides the highest quality baskets with the most choices. DGA Disc Pole Holes are the most popular. They are player-preferred and found on more than two-thirds of all disc golf courses worldwide. The quality and performance of DGA Disc Pole Holes is unmatched and comes with a 20-year limited warranty.

Disc Golf Association: 831-722-6037