Learn & Grow

Indoor rock climbing is a dynamic way to work with children who have physical, sensory, communication, social-emotional or cognitive disabilities. The patented Dry-EraseTM Traverse WallTM by Everlast ClimbingTM features a smooth -on/wipe-off surface and handholds of varying difficulty levels to accommodate individual needs. The patented Mat LockingTM System provides a safe landing surface for climbers and secures the wall when not in use.

Everlast Climbing Industries: 800-476-7366


The revolutionary HelixTM is unlike nearly every aerobic exerciser available. It simultaneously works the inner and outer thighs and butt, delivering the kind of dramatic leg and glute sculpting results normally achieved only via a combination of weight and aerobic training.

Helixco: 888-435-4926

Speed Dry

The Bio JetDrier is the hygienic, fast, environmentally friendly, stylish way to dry hands in any washroom. Based on a simple yet powerful idea—using the heat from its own motor to create hot air—it dries hands in about seven seconds. Insert your hands and the three infrared sensors start gentle yet powerful gusts of high-speed air that dry both sides as you draw out your hands. The air speed of the unit can be adjusted to suit its location—using up to 85 percent less energy than conventional hand dryers and a 98 percent savings versus paper towels.

Commercial Restroom Products: 866-236-8036

Rock and Roll

Cherrington Rock Pickers is an innovative one-step seedbed preparation screener for a perfect new seedbed. Screen depth is adjustable from 1 inch to 6 inches deep, and removes stones from ˝ inch to 10 inches in diameter. The oscillating sifting screen is powered off the tractor's PTO. The loading paddles convey the soil and debris onto the screen, the screened soil is returned to the seedbed, while everything larger than the selected, and easily changeable screen hole size is retained in the hi-lift hopper. The optional powered roller can be attached ahead of the screener for tilling before screening.

Cherrington Enterprises: 701-952-0226

Less Mess

National Ticket Company's Sta-Put Tab wristbands feature litter-free peel-off tabs that stay attached to the wristband to help eliminate tabs dropping to the ground. Sta-Put ab stays on the wristband to help promote a clean environment. Reduce maintenance and cleaning costs. The wristbands are made of strong, waterproof, lightweight material and comfortably adjust to any size. They can be custom-designed and bar-coded for your facility or event.

National Ticket Company: 800-829-0829

Thrills & Spills

The next generation of waterpark thrill ride is here. The new 360RushTM waterslide from SplashTacular now has the first—and only—dueling body bowl in the world. At the top of the 360Rush, two riders wait to race each other in a timed gating system that increases the suspense in a 3-2-1 countdown. When the time runs out, the riders drop simultaneously through an opaque floor into two nearly vertical 32-inch diameter tubes, where they accelerate to speeds of more than 30 mph. At the bottom, the two riders chase each other in a body bowl, circling until settling to a gentle stop.

SplashTacular: 800-844-5334

Fenced In!

Metaltech's Saferstack temporary fence system is here. No more panels crumbling down the pile, thanks to the Saferstack embedded panel technology, increased security and improved panel longevity. Up to 40 percent bundle height reduction helps maximize storage space.

Omega Fence: 800-836-6342

Wash Up

The elegantly refined Verge® Lavatory System is available in a new design made expressly for individual users. The Verge is characterized by its sleek and modern design that incorporates a beautifully sculpted elongated basin with a hidden drain. In addition to its contemporary and sophisticated look, Verge provides high durability and low-maintenance features. With its new individual user configuration, Verge now also provides a beautiful, seamless and easy-to-maintain option when personal handwashing spaces are the preferred design. Easily accessible and ADA compliant, Verge lav systems are available in 15 soothing colors inspired by nature.

Bradley Corp.: 800-BRADLEY