Captions Galore

Intelligent CaptionTM scoreboards from Nevco offer the ability to display sport-specific captions for basketball, volleyball and wrestling, all on one scoreboard. It's like getting three scoreboards for the price of one. These multi-sport scoreboards display team names and sport-specific captions electronically and automatically. No climbing ladders, no changing plates and no wrong captions. Perfect for tournaments and recreational league play.

Nevco Inc.: 800-851-4040

Recognition Station

Motivate and recognize your star athletes of any sporting event with a Record Board. Black anodized aluminum units may be used indoors or outdoors and are available with team colors, logos, vinyl lettering and available in any size. Record boards can be custom-designed to fit the needs of any sporting event, club or facility. Record Boards are available with optional door fronts. The Record Boards are a front-loading system making for easy access and eliminating falling letters. Event listing changeable signs are also available.

Grid Concepts: 866-310-4278

Top Score

For more than 75 years, customers have chosen the integrity and value of All American Scoreboards. The company's values separate it from the traditional scoreboard manufacturer. If you are looking for the best LED scoring system to fit your needs, budget and timelines, look no further than All American Scoreboards. The company provides exceptional service, quality products and value that will exceed your needs.

All American Scoreboards: 800-356-8146

Graphic Arts

Bison offers wall-mounted scoreboards with unlimited graphic options for your school mascot or a sponsor logo. A sturdy aluminum extrusion frame with a black finish encases 100 percent solid state electronics on both the 13-by-5-foot and 12-by-3-foot scoreboards. Packages include tabletop control console and control cable. A remote control console and receiver are optional. Both scoreboards have 12-inch red clock and yellow score digits, green period digit and bonus possessions. The 99:59 clock has 1/10th second countdown under 1:00 and an internal horn.

Bison Inc.: 800-247-7668

Score a Renovation

If you're faced with replacing an old, battered and faded scoreboard on a limited budget, then ScoreRestore is for you. With ScoreRestore your scoreboard is completely updated without the need to replace your existing unit and structure. Using ScoreRestore's patent-pending process, you will also enjoy greatly reduced transportation and installation costs. The installation itself is easy: The package arrives in sections that fit together, allowing one person to complete even a large board using minimal equipment..

Sportable Scoreboards: 800-323-7745

Project the Score

Boardware Software turns your IBM-compatible computer into an alphanumeric scoreboard that can be projected on your pool wall. Driven by IST's Meetware, Timeware, Poloware or Workware, Boardware gives you an easy-to-read display with 32 characters per lane line and a scrolling header line. Boardware is recommended for pools with minimal natural light. It requires a computer with Windows XP or better, a projector with sufficient lumen rating to show a bright image at the desired location, and a theater-style screen surface for the best display.

International Sports Timing: 800-235-2611