Light a Path

GreenWayTM is a reliable, modern, affordable solution for pedestrian-scale solar lighting. GreenWayTM is easy to install, features a slip-fit design and comes complete with: choice of LED luminaire on Type I, II or V (Dark Sky approved) optics, solar module, battery, controller, click-together plugs and 24-foot color-matched pole. GreenWayTM is configured for specific project requirements to run all night long or save energy with dimming when full light is not required.

SOL Inc.: 800-959-1329

Green Light

Qualite Sports Lighting introduced Green Star, a high-wattage, electronic ballast fixture alternative to the standard core-on-coil ballast system. It offers extended lamp life and higher efficiency with fewer fixtures, saving money, maintenance costs and energy for outdoor athletic fields. Green Star offers a dimmable option featuring daylight harvesting.

Qualite Sports Lighting LLC: 800-933-9741


For more than 30 years, Musco has specialized in the design and manufacture of athletic field lighting. Musco's newest innovation, Light Structure GreenTM offers significant advantages for your budget and the environment—operating costs are cut in half; spill light is reduced by 50 percent; and Constant 25TM warranty and maintenance plan eliminates 100 percent routine maintenance costs for 25 years.

Musco Sports Lighting: 800-825-6030

Light the Pool

The new IntelliBrite® 5g White LED commercial light provides the purest and whitest illumination for aquatic facilities. It uses superior lens geometry and exclusive reflector design to create a wide beam and more uniform light distribution. Now available in 300/400/500 incandescent equivalents with less than 70 watts of energy use. LED lasts longer than traditional incandescent light and independent LEDs stay individually illuminated to eliminate dark spots in pools.

Pentair Commercial Pool & Spa: 800-831-7133