Line Up

Mondo is recognized as a world leader in the production of rubber flooring, designed for both commercial and sport applications. It is known for producing cutting-edge products such as athletic tracks, weight room surfaces and synthetic grass fields. The Mondoturf FTS3 system reproduces all of the characteristics of well-maintained natural grass while offering maximum safety with superior dynamic performance. All of its components are patented and recyclable.

Mondo America Inc.: 450-967-5820

New Age Turf

Complete with FieldTurf's patented layered sand/rubber infill of more than 9 pounds per square foot, the Revolution fiber means your field will last longer than ever before. And lasting longer means lower costs, more revenue generation potential and a better investment. The unique shape of Revolution complete with numerous ridges that run from top to bottom alongside each face of the fiber was created to eliminate breaking points in each artificial grass blade.

FieldTurf: 800-724-2969

Off Track

Track mat is a modular interlocking system that protects your track from cleat and vehicle traffic. Available in modular sections, the Track mat is easy to put down and take back up for seasonal use. The footed bottom will not damage your track and will allow for vehicle traffic to easily cross over it. Sonically welded Turtle Tiles are used to make any size mat to fit your needs. Available in most school colors.

Turtle Plastics Co.: 800-756-6635

One-Stop Surface Shop

Kiefer Specialty Flooring delivers athletic surface design and installation, featuring the highest-quality products from manufacturers like Mondo, ECORE, Pavigym and Connor Sports Flooring. Kiefer is your one destination for rubber, synthetic, turf and wood surfaces for track, multipurpose, gymnasium, basketball, football, soccer, weight room, locker room and commercial facilities.

Kiefer Specialty Flooring: 800-322-5448

Good Condition

Turface Athletics is an industry-leading manufacturer of calcined clay conditioners. From the major leagues and NFL to community fields, Turface AthleticsTM offers a range of products to maximize sports field safety and performance. Soil conditioners relieve compaction, prevent rainouts and minimize bad hops on skinned infields. On turf, they improve drainage and eliminate mud for a superior playing surface. Turface® conditioners are also available in a variety of colors to improve field aesthetics, including new ProLeague Heritage Red.

Profile Products: 800-508-8681

Advanced Turf

A-Turf introduces the next Titan System – A-Turf® Titan SS, a technically advanced synthetic turf system. Designed with premium monofilament and XP fibers in the same stitch, the system delivers a combination of durability and aesthetics. Titan SS features a ShockPad, shorter pile height (1.5 inches vs. 2.25 inches), and is ideal for those who prefer sand-only infill. Ask about the 12-year warranty, standard on this system.

A-Turf: 888-777-6910

Cover Up

Look to Covermaster Inc, for all types of Terrplas® covers. But to protect artificial turf, choose Terracover V®. It's the Terraplas cover that will readily convert any stadium into a multi-use venue. Using a simple system of specially engineered, interlocking panels, this cover will accommodate seating and staging for thousands of spectators. Terracover V® is easy to install, easy to clean, and easy to remove and store.

Covermaster Inc.: 800-387-5808

Tile Style

Dinoflex recycled rubber outdoor surfacing products are a great choice for playgrounds, outdoor fitness areas, walking paths, decks and more. The self-aligning, interlocking system provides for fast and accurate installation. The durable, water-permeable tiles are easy to install and meet ADA standards. A great addition to any school, recreational park, golf course or hospital, especially since the tiles are so low-maintenance.

Dinoflex: 877-713-1899