Play On It

SpectraTurf is a manufacturer and installer of rubberized playground safety surfacing. SpectraTurf has installed millions of feet of its SpectraPour poured-in-place playground surfacing system at schools, parks and playgrounds throughout the United States. Available in a variety of thicknesses, SpectraPour provides impact attenuation per ASTM 1292 for fall heights ranging from 4 feet to 12 feet CFH.

SpectraTurf: 800-875-5788

Tested Turf

Gmax testing is an integral part of synthetic turf field management. Testing should be performed annually. Turf Diagnostics' testing is performed to current ASTM standards. Flexible testing times are available to meet the needs of heavy use fields. Testing programs can be customized to meet client needs. Evaluate field conditions. Demonstrate fields meet industry standards. Be proactive and limit your liability. Protect your athletes, and protect your investment.

Turf Diagnostics: 913-723-3700

Right On Track

The Plexitrac® System was selected by Austin ISD, Texas, to rehabilitate eight existing polyurethane tracks. Plexitrac was selected because of the product lines' versatility to remedy a variety of issues. Plexitrac's unique water-based formula is low-odor and does not use dangerous solvents during the installation process at an occupied school. The excellent UV stability of Plexitrac will extend the useful service life of the tracks at a very affordable price.

Plexipave: 978-623-9980

Roll It Out

No Fault SporTurf is a high-performance synthetic grass system for playgrounds, play areas and sport facilities. Primarily 15-foot wide rolls fully adhered. Consists of polyethylene, which is more resilient and lasts longer in the sun. It is also superior to polypropylene. It's a durable, long-lasting option that completes No Fault's position in the market as a one-stop shop for safety and sport surfacing needs.

No Fault Sport Group LLC: 866-637-7678

An Adhesive for All Seasons

Regardless of the season, you don't have to wait for "ideal" weather to install synthetic turf fields and other recreational surfaces with Nordot® Adhesives. From freezing temperatures to hot, desert-like climates and in damp, dry or windy conditions, installing with Nortdot Adhesives gets the job done faster and easier. The result is lower overhead, more profit and more installations. You also get the long-term durability and reliability that is synonymous with the Nordot brand.

Synthetic Surfaces Inc.: 908-233-6803

Cutting Edge

Give your team the ultimate edge with the state-of-the-art BSS 2000 track system, designed and manufactured for optimal competitive performance indoors and out. Each system is finished with a customized surface engineered to meet the intense demands of competition. EPDM granules—embedded, encapsulated or Hobart textured—are mixed throughout the depth wear layer giving your athletes the necessary traction for improved response time and total control. The BSS 2000 provides the resilient response and maximum energy return your athletes need to shatter records.

Beynon Sports Surfaces Inc.: 800-724-2969

Need for Speed

The UBU Speed S5-M series is engineered to be the ultimate fast, firm and durable playing surface. The 2.5-inch blade system features the exclusive Harmony Fiber and utilizes the Armour Weave Backing System to provide dimensional stability and optimum drainage. The Speed Series turf systems are designed to enhance player performance and give your athletes the confidence they need to perform to their maximum potential.

UBU Sports: 800-828-8700

Bridge to Somewhere

The Cross-Over Zone® Track Protector protects costly track surfaces at crossing areas from damage due to teams, people and equipment. Thick, tough geotextile plus vinyl edging with steel chain inserted all around provides ballast to keep the protector down, even in high winds. Steel-tipped cleats cannot puncture, but the rain drains through. Easy to install and remove, it is available in sizes for all tracks, and multi-color imprinting is available.

AER-FLO Inc.: 800-823-7356