Maximum Benefits

With the increasing popularity of monofilaments and the overwhelming success of the dual fiber Ultrablade DF system, Sprinturf introduced Ultrablade MMTM . The product was Sprinturf's answer to provide the aesthetics of a monofilament system without compromising the functional benefits of a dual-fiber blend—reduced infill flyout, maximum performance and lifetime surface consistency. Sprinturf's Ultrablade MM can be found at high schools nationwide and higher education institutions such as North Dakota State University, Concordia University and Florida A&M University.

Sprinturf: 877-686-8873

Best of Both Worlds

The Shaw Sportexe® LegionTM synthetic turf system features a combination of high-performance monofilament fiber with the company's most durable slit film fiber to bring you the best of both worlds. An amazingly soft and aesthetically pleasing surface with the performance, durability and safety you need for multi-use fields. Other features of the Legion turf system include reduced infill fly-out, higher resiliency and a firm surface for predictable, consistent, ball roll.

Shaw Sportexe: 866-703-4004

Get Clean

PSF 110 is an advanced formulation of enzymes specifically for synthetic turf and other indoor and outdoor surfaces. PSF 110 introduces a revolutionary new process of turf cleaning and decontamination. PSF 110 replaces chemical cleaners and disinfectants, and quickly eliminates infectious bacteria, mold, mildew, viruses and germs. It is neutral pH, nontoxic, non-caustic, chemical-free and totally harmless to humans and the environment.

Professional Sports Field Services LLC: 888-593-6013

Movable Grass

Grass Panels are an exciting new and unique product by Synthetic Grass Technologies. A truly portable synthetic grass system that can be used on gymnasium floors, concrete, blacktop, tennis courts, soil or any smooth surface, these lightweight but strong panels are easily assembled and disassembled for quick and sturdy sport field applications of any size, indoor or out, temporary or long term.

Synthetic Grass Technologies LLC: 888-593-6013