Build Quick

ClearSpan Fabric Structures provides design-build solutions for your athletic and recreational structure needs. Hercules Truss Arch Buildings feature abundant natural light and spacious interiors without support posts for a superior training environment. With minimal foundation requirements, the structures can be permanent or temporary, and are easy to relocate. Made in the United States, they can be built to any length and up to 300 feet wide, and are designed to meet local wind and snow load requirements.

ClearSpan Fabric Structures: 800-603-4445

Sailing High

Shade Systems provided its innovative "Sail" shade canopies for the City of Miami Beach at the newly renovated South Pointe Park playground, a high-profile location in view of cruise ships entering the port of Miami. The city selected Shade Systems "Sails" for their unique one-point attachment system at each canopy's connection point, thereby eliminating messy and confusing cables that need to be threaded and clamped to achieve tautness. This ingeniously simple and functional system is a lifesaver when the canopies need to be taken down in the event of hurricane or winter weather.

Shade Systems Inc.: 800-609-6066

Make a Splash

As universities, recreation centers, health clubs and other fitness facilities search for ways to stand out, Eldorado Climbing Walls' poolside climbing walls provide a unique option that is both fun and visually stunning. Eldorado's poolside climbing walls feature the company's hand-sculpted and fully customizable SHOTRockTM climbing wall system, which is ideal for indoor or outdoor wet/dry applications. SHOTRock can be sculpted to mimic the look of any rock found in nature. The structure can be climbed entirely with natural holds, or climbing holds can be added. Poolside walls can include features such as waterfalls, slides and lighting to enhance the rock realism in an aquatic environment.

Eldorado Climbing Walls: 303-447-0512

Hot Water

Raypak's new Professional Series gas-fired pool heaters were created specifically for smaller commercial properties and high-end residential pools where aesthetics and durability are key. It is a perfect heater for tough coastal weather conditions where salt air is a problem. Offered in two model sizes: a 268 with 266,000 Mbtu input, and a 408 with 399 Mbtu input. All waterways are non-ferrous with cupro-nickel tubes and bronze headers. Standard with ASME certification.

Raypak: 805-278-5301

Throwing Snow

The Grasshopper Company's zero-turn FrontMountTM power units serve as the heart of a complete snow removal system comprised of commercial snowthrowers, dozer blades, rotary brooms and V-plows. Applying zero-turn maneuverability to snow removal saves time and labor so each operator can accomplish more work in less time. These compact, heavy-duty implements power through snow effortlessly with professional-grade construction designed to ensure season after season of throwing, plowing and sweeping. A 60-inch V-plow removes snow from sidewalks and driveways, clearing a 5-foot path.

Grasshopper Company: 620-345-8621

Get Linked

Poligon's new LinkUp Dugout covers are designed to perfectly integrate with your protective chain-link fencing. They include round columns, Kynar metal roofing and are available in 12-foot and 16-foot bays. The frame is protected in exclusive Poli-5000 powdercoat finish and available in 34 different colors. Poligon also offers a variety of roofing available in a wide array of colors so your dugouts can even match your team colors.

Poligon, by PorterCorp: 616-399-1963