Even Steven

Turfplaning is the precision removal of surface irregularities in existing turf through the use of a patent-pending g2 turftools Inc. 84-inch laser-controlled turfplaner. Existing turf can now be leveled to tolerances that surpass conventional surface renovations without the need to remove or replace existing turf. Long and costly field renovations are now done in hours instead of weeks and without the length grow-in process.

G2turftools: 256-777-6970

The Right Mound

The AFD Mound Gauge is made out of 1 1/2-inch square metal tubing and can be separated in half for ease in transportation or shipping. The AFD Mound Gauge is able to rotate 180 degrees and comes with a skid and wheel for ease in moving back and forth to check for high and low spots. It has the same square tubing at the prescribed setting to scribe the high spots or identify the low areas.

Athletic Field Design: 503-698-6383

Infield of Dreams

Heying Company produces a full line of quality Infield Groomers that repair and maintain skin infields. Quickly and easily keep your playing surfaces level and in optimal playing condition. Manual lift or remote-controlled electric lift. Adjustable implements perform numerous tasks including breaking up hard infields. Pull with a variety of towing machines. No tools needed to adjust.

Heying Company: 712-756-8847

Clean the Water

The GridBee pond circulator from SolarBee® Inc. improves water quality in ponds, small lakes and other recreational waters. By creating a gentle, near-laminar flow across the surface of the water (up to three surface acres), the GridBee circulator minimizes problems of blue-green algae blooms and related odors and toxicity, and improves dissolved oxygen, pH and fish habitat. The electric-powered circulator works from beneath the water surface and does not detract from the natural environment.

SolarBee Inc.: 866-437-8076

Beautiful Blooms

The ECHO BRD-280 Bed Redefiner is designed to help shape flower bed edges that have rounded over time and help keep grassy areas looking manicured with well-defined bed edges. The BRD-280 is lighter and easier to use than current wheeled products, and it's up to seven times faster than a shovel. It features ECHO's 28.1cc Power Boost VortexTM engine for plenty of cutting power, ergonomically comfortable rubber handle grips, a 59-inch straight shaft with flex cable drive and more.

ECHO Inc.: 800-432-ECHO

Time for Turf

TurfTime Equipment's quality turf care line is designed for simplicity, durability and value. Advantage Aerators as well as Triple Play Infield Groomers, Thatch Master dethatchers, Heavy Duty Turf Rollers and the Advantage Topdresser will make a proud addition to your equipment fleet. Quick and easy operation of TurfTime Equipment's Advantage Aerator keeps fields free of compaction all season long. Unique Revolution chisel point tines penetrate to a depth of 7 inches with little visual disturbance.

TurfTime Equipment LLC: 800-201-1031

Power Up

The Jacobsen R-311T features outstanding reliability with a powerful Kubota® Turbo Diesel engine, heavy-duty hydraulic motors individually powering each blade, and topside air intake to keep the radiator cool and free of grass. It includes Jacobsen components as industry standards, featuring high-efficiency deck design that effortlessly slices through the tallest, thickest grass; and individual deck control, making it easier to maneuver and achieve an even cut.

Jacobsen, A Textron Company: 888-922-TURF

Fountain Fun

For more than 40 years, Air-O-Lator has been making eco-friendly, high-performance products. Font 'N-Aire fountains combine aesthetic beauty with a natural way to improve water quality and health. Air-O-Lator fountains are easy to install, service and upgrade. The Franklin Electric 600M submersible motor is used on all fountains. The water-cooled and lubricated motor is especially designed for lake and pond fountain applications and is environmentally safe.

Air-O-Lator: 800-821-3177