Power Up

Canadian General Tower now offers vinyl sheets for aquaculture and decorative ponds. CGT aquaculture liners are non-toxic and, therefore, support the growth of fish and vegetation. This liner material is ideal for outdoor facilities. CGT has the capacity to calendar, print, emboss and laminate the pond liner material to produce a wide variety of products. Perfect for updating and maintaining existing ponds as well.

Canadian General Tower: 800-265-7872

In Command

Grooming, maintaining and conditioning synthetic turf can be a challenge, but the Field Commander Chameleon takes that challenge head on. The Chameleon grooms for both conditioning and appearance, sprays, levels infill, paints and applies field markings—you can even remove painted lines and markings, all with just one machine. Kromer manufactures five Field Commander models to make your synthetic and natural fields look and play great.

Kromer Co.: 800-373-0337