Celebrate Good Times

This year marks a milestone for TRUE Fitness as it celebrates 30 years in the fitness industry. Frank Trulaske, founder and CEO of TRUE®, has had the same simple philosophy of delivering superior products, service and support since 1981. Trulaske started out with the mission of building a superior treadmill. Today, TRUE® is a global leader in premium cardio equipment, and Trulaske's passion remains the same.

TRUE Fitness: 800-426-6570

Just for Kids

The XE5 is the correct kids elliptical at the right time. Easy to operate, simple, strong and low-maintenance, it displays time, speed, distance and calories. Offering a 17-inch stride, it provides a smooth ellipse movement with manual resistance adjusted against a flywheel to provide long life and minimal service. The XE5 provides low-impact cardio exercise that will fit into any school environment, and yet offer a product that will survive.

Fitness Master Inc.: 866-434-8639


The new MYE Club TV Digital Input Transmitter features a digital audio input jack to connect all new digital audio TVs that eliminates the need for expensive digital converters. Additional value-added features include Multi Transmitter Combiner for combining multiple transmitters on a single antenna for multiple satellite and cable box installations. The new MYE Digital Input Transmitter works with all TV receivers, including MYE, Cardio Theater and BroadcastVision, as well as the integrated receivers of all major cardio equipment brands.

MYE Entertainment: 800-779-6759

Heavy Lifters

The D-423 Front Pulldown from Atlantis is the newest addition to the company's plate-loaded family. The machine offers unilateral movement and multiple hand positions for added versatility. The hydraulic seat-shock adjustment allows users to micro-adjust their position, allowing for greater comfort for a wider variety of body types. As with all Atlantis plate-loaded equipment, plate storage horns are standard on this unit.

Atlantis Inc.: 877-454-2285

Ultimate Workout

The Power Plate® pro6TM with new promotionTM Dynamic Vibration Technology incorporates high-strength Vectran cables that channel vibration straight into that all-important upper body. The cables are five times stronger than steel, transferring vibration at high-speed frequency rates between 25 and 40 times per second. The pro6 also offers adjustable settings to intensify the load and deepen the workout, along with a gel dampening system that increases resistance as training intensity increases.

Power Plate Americas: 877-877-5283

Inclined to Train

Total Gym®, formerly efi Sports Medicine®, has launched a newly enhanced line of Total Gym incline trainer equipment: Total Gym Sport®, Total Gym GTS® and Total Gym PowerTower®. The equipment has been upgraded for improved function and usability with new features: more levels of incline, all aluminum extruded rails for smoother gliding, the Easy Fold System, and an adjustable glideboard on GTS and PowerTower models allowing users to sit parallel to the floor, ideal for use with special populations or as a weight bench.

Total Gym: 800-541-4900

Get Educated

The Cooper Institute® is a nonprofit established in 1970 to provide fitness education. Kenneth Cooper, M.D., MPH, considerd the "Father of Aerobics," is credited with sparking today's fitness movement and having the foresight to create the world's largest health and fitness database. Each year, thousands learn to become health and fitness leaders in the military, public safety and community to help people live better both sooner and later. Twenty-plus courses are offered in Dallas, online or at your site.

The Cooper Institute: 800-635-7050

Form & Function

Offering modern styling, high-quality construction and dynamic new movement possibilities, the new XFT-300 by Paramount is designed for functional training in the extreme—no boundaries, no limitations. Unique design features include dual adjustment columns that rotate 330 degrees to allow unrestricted movement in multiple planes, Extreme swing arms that adjust horizontally through 169 degrees for positioning as close as 27 inches and as far apart as 86 ˝ inches, smooth glide pulley housings for easy one-touch adjustment through 64 inches of vertical adjustment, multi-grip chin bar, and a step-by-step color-coded exercise chart with instructions for 18 exercises.

Paramount Fitness Corporation: 800-721-2121