Lift Off

Ideal for both personal and group training, SPRI's Kettleballs are easier on floors than traditional Kettlebells. Use for swinging and momentum movements such as squats, throws, cleans, jerks, snatches and rotational swings, combining cardio, strength and flexibility. The Kettleball has a generous-sized handle, and is uniform in size with varied colors for easy weight identification (5 pounds to 35 pounds). The flat bottom of the Kettleballs also provides stability on the floor and on a rack.

SPRI Products: 800-222-7774

Easy Clean

GymWipes products are the specially formulated, industry-compliant solution to remove sweat, grime and germs conveniently without harming fitness equipment and high-usage surfaces. The product line ranges from full-spectrum protection to cost-effective solutions, offering the best value for the best price. GymWipes are economical, eco-friendly and non-toxic providing bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal, with anti-microbial formulas for affordable cleaning options. GymWipes provide EPA registered disinfecting/sanitizing formulas that protect against more than 50 pathogens, including CA-MRSA, HIV and H1N1.

2XL Corporation: 888-977-3726

Flatter Abs

The award-winning Ab Coaster® features a patented bottom-up design that allows anyone to perform a lower abdominal lift in perfect form, regardless of fitness level. Today, the Ab Coaster is in more than 5,000 health clubs around the world, as well as universities, professional sports teams and the U.S. military. Ab Coaster is also a sponsor of Augie's Quest and has introduced a Limited Edition Red Ab Coaster to support its mission to find a cure for ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease).

AB Coaster Company: 866-219-5335

Row, Row, Row

The Vasa Kayak Ergometer works like a rowing machine for kayak paddling. It uses airflow resistance and power meter technology to provide the realistic feeling of paddlong on water with accurate feedback to develop sustained paddling power, speed and endurance. Every machine comes with a rugged foot brace that adjusts easily for different users. The Vasa Kayak Ergometer is versatile with options for swimming, surf paddling, SUP paddling and 50 functional exercises.

Vasa Inc.: 802-872-7101


Fit4Sale achieves the highest level of remanufacturing. All hardware is replaced, and all replacement parts meet or exceed OEM specifications. The team inspects and repairs all electronics, tests and repairs/replaces heart rate monitors, replaces arm brushings and bearings, replaces ramp covers, replaces wheels and bearings, rebuilds elevation motor, sand blasts and powdercoats handrails and frames, and much more. Inc.: 800-396-4348

Cool Alternative

Body weight training, suspended exercise and alternative style training is the hottest method of training currently available, and the SpaceStationTM Summit 2500 is the place to do it. The SpaceStationTM Summit 2500 features an overhead monkey bar crawl, two high and two low pull-up bars, dip station, step-up station, Power Training Rope anchor stations and outside rails for additional pull-up areas or anchors for suspended products. Ideal for six to 10 users at one time. Multiple training stations along with the peripheral area allows for interaction within the SpaceStationTM or alongside.

Power Systems Inc.: 800-321-6975

Weight for It

GP Industries' Series I Uni-Lock Urethane Dumbbells feature a solid head design, which is cast molded. Series I dumbbells incorporate GP Industries' proprietary Spline and locking device, and are adjustable for wear and component-replaceable if ever necessary. Handles are U.S.-made of high-strength steel with a breaking strength in excess of 130,000 psi.

GP Industries: 800-814-4943

Heavy Handed

Developed originally for pro football teams, the new PowerBlock® XXXL Heavy Weight 175 Commercial Set offers a weight range of 12.5 to 175 pounds per hand. The Heavy Weight 175 replaces 22 pairs of dumbbells or more than 4,000 pounds of free weights in the space of one pair. The Heavy Weight 175 Club Set takes up just 25 feet by 23 feet of floor space. There is also a 125 pound per hand Heavy Weight Club Set available that can be expanded later.

PowerBlock: 800-446-5215