Scale It Down

Skate Spots by Spohn Ranch are scaled-down skateboarding areas with subtle features that integrate naturally into the surrounding environment. Often possessing an inviting, sculptural aesthetic, they are also becoming more popular because they require less space (typically 1,500 to 5,000 square feet) and funding than a traditional skatepark. The increased feasibility of skate spots allows for more places to ride—serving a large action sports population in a more efficient way.

Spohn Ranch Skateparks: 877-489-3539

Add Some Action

SRG's ProWall® Rink System adds action to any camp, school, recreation center, home or community. ProWall is designed to combine the best traits of the traditional dasherboard system with those of newer, more portable systems. ProWall® is the perfect sport containment system for ice hockey, inline hockey, floor hockey, dek hockey, soccer, gaga, futsal, lacrosse, indoor football and more. Buy one system and reconfigure it for all of these sports.

Sport Resource Group: 612-584-3030

More Users, Less Risk

Using a TRUBLUE auto belay in your climbing wall facility increases participation while driving down costs and risk. Auto belays benefit all levels of climbers, from the novice getting a feel for the movement to an elite climber focused on conditioning and training. The TRUBLUE uses a self-regulating magnetic braking system and is engineered to meet the strictest safety standards of all auto belays. Modular and compact, TRUBLUE auto belays are easy to install, move and maintain.

Eldorado climbing walls: 303-447-0512

Make a Splash

Add adventure to your aquatic center with KersplashTM , the new poolside climbing wall from Everlast ClimbingTM . Beginning in the pool, climbers ascend to a desired height and then take an exhilarating plunge back into the water. KersplashTM is suited for indoor or outdoor use and is available in two modular panel styles. KersplashTM invites climbing and swimming—two fitness enhancers—but mostly it's about fun.

Everlast Climbing: 800-476-7366

Skating Away

Turn empty winter space into a fun outdoor skating place. Wondering what to do with your empty winter space? Turn it into an outdoor NiceRink. Long-lasting plastic sideboards, patented support brackets, hand resurfacers, liners and more. Free information, costs and full how-to.

NiceRink: 888-642-3746