Something to Talk About

Words on Play highlights the work of respected play scholars—PlayCore's friends, mentors and partners who continue to inspire their knowledge of play. With articles on inclusion, brain development, creativity, health and wellness, social capital and more, the research in Words on Play is clear: Play has a multitude of critical benefits for children, families and communities, and is necessary for healthy society. By sharing this treatise, PlayCore hopes to help inspire and empower communities to advocate and demonstrate that investing in play results in healthy outcomes and social capital.

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Make It Modern

Landscape Structures' new PlayBooster® VibeTM puts a modern twist on traditional post-and-deck playsystems. The Vibe uniquely combines materials to modernize PlayBooster playground components, including roofs, play panels and climber handholds. The Vibe, designed for ages 5 to 12, can be configured to fit customers' needs. Whichever design is chosen, customers can feel confident that the Vibe meets all safety and environmental standards. And like the rest of Landscape Structures' products, the Vibe is built to last for generations with minimal maintenance and exceeds ADA requirements.

Landscape Structures Inc.: 888-4-FUNLSI

Spin to Win

Promoting creativity and interaction among children, BigToys, a PlayCore Company, presents the Invent-a-Game spinner, comprising six unique activities that allow children to invent their own games on a playground. Inspiring hours of cooperative play and physical activity, Invent-a-Game provides an ideal icebreaker for parks, after-school programs and settings where children gather and engage together. A BigToys exclusive: the only game available that is actually customized, including free downloadable activity starters.

BigToys, a PlayCore Company: 866-814-8697

Time for Tots

These kid-friendly playgrounds offer high levels of play value per square foot, help promote best practices in eight early childhood learning standards, and are engineered to be urban tough and compliant with ASTM and CPSC playground standards for ages 2 to 5. An ideal gathering spot for "mommy and me" time and birthday parties in the park, Discovery Center 5 (shown) offers 12 activities and is ADA accessible.

UltraPlay, a PlayCore Company: 800-458-5872

Little Explorers

Play & Park Structures' new Climb and Discover Cave is designed for exploring, and provides some of the most exciting elements of childhood play: physical play, climbing, curiosity and discovery. The large cave design and peek-through openings on both sides and ends permit maximum access and supervision, while four molded-in seating areas provide cozy semi-private spaces and areas for social interaction. Made from premium UV-stabilized rotational molded plastic with extra-thick double-wall design for durability.

Play & Park Structures: 800-727-1907

Fun for All

Fun, bright and eco-friendly, Recreation Creations' durable and imaginative playground equipment brings out the kid in everyone. With multiple options for unique, customizable designs, and knowledgeable staff to help you every step of the way, a Recreation Creations system is as much fun to plan and purchase as it is to use. Can you hear the laughter of happy children? That's because with Recreation Creations, you're not just building a playground—you're building a place for wonderful, long-lasting memories.

Recreation Creations, LLC: 800-766-9458

Moving Right Along

From landscape architects to park and recreation directors, from parents to kids, reaction has been positive for Elephant®Play's Double Arch Swing, with its unique ability to keep kids moving. With its innovative cord-based playground equipment, Elephant®Play brings a different play experience. The equipment rotates, spins, rocks and swings. The movement and climbing opportunities enable children to enjoy multi-dimensional play with increased physical activity.

Elephant®Play: 877-854-3319

Mix and Match

WOW Playgrounds' new connections allow the Quest and Journey series to be combined with the Free Play series. These new combination playgrounds allow children to set out on a Journey/Quest enjoying organized play, then traversing to a Free Play area where many options are available to maneuver through the path. This combination of Series allows children to conquer the playground a different way every time.

WOW Playgrounds: 866-565-6451