Access Matters

The federal government has passed a law requiring all commercial and municipal swimming pools and spas to have an ADA-approved means of entry and exit for disabled patrons by March 15, 2012. Brock's expertise guarantees that you will comply with this mandate. Brock has been supplying commercial and institutional swimming pool equipment since 1975.

Brock Enterprises: 800-332-2360

To the Rescue

The new Premium 39-inch Rescue Tube can be used at waterparks, and for lake, beach and pool rescues. Molded from EVA foam, it features reinforced ends, polypropylene cord, 2-inch shoulder strap equipped with a stainless steel snap hook, two stainless steel O-rings, and "LIFEGUARD" embossed in the foam on both sides. It is a highly visible yellow color and durable, able to withstand heavy use.

Recreation Supply Company: 800-437-8072

Flexible Lifting

The multiLift is the most versatile pool lift from S.R. Smith. Install it as a fixed or removable lift. The Wheel-A-WayTM option provides flexibility to remove the lift for poolside events or storage. Right or left side mounting means less to think about when selecting a pool lift location on the deck. The multiLift comes with the new LiftOperatorTM Intelligent Control System. Tested and verified to be ADA-compliant by an independent third party.

S.R. Smith LLC: 800-824-4387

Walking in Water

The HydroWorx X80 Underwater Treadmill and Jet is now more portable and affordable than ever. The X80 treadmill enhances balance and gait training, while the jet increases resistance and provides a deep tissue massage. The HydroWorx X80 technology turns a static pool into a highly functional experience that empowers outcomes and profit potential while providing physical therapists/athletic trainers with ultimate flexibility with barrier-free equipment, satisfying the contrasting demands of traditional rehabilitation and fitness training.

HydroWorx International Inc.: 800-753-9633

Easy Solution

The RebelTM Portable Lift is Aqua Creek's newest portable lift that is independently, third party verified to meet the new ADA standards. The RebelTM is a low-cost solution for facilities looking to become ADA compliant by the March 15, 2012 deadline. No hassle or expense of anchoring or bonding a unit to the pool deck. Features a 350-pound capacity, rechargeable battery, adjustable footrest, seatbelt and two-year warranty.

Aqua Creek Products: 888-687-3552

Light Bright

New from the manufacturer of PureWhiteTM LED Replacement Lamps—PureWhite Fixtures. PureWhite Fixtures produce the same light output as a 500-watt incandescent but use only 87 watts. Plus, they feature a GuardianTM Silicone Lens Gasket and Brass Liquid Tight Strain Relief with premium sealing gland for superior water protection. Modern styling and a custom-etched optical diffusion lens complete the look.

J&J Electronics: 800-735-4553

Strip Tease

Introducing the new Pool Check®I, a faster and better way to test water quality poolside or in the pool store. Pool Check®I features powerful, accurate analysis of either Pool Check Pro 3 or Pool Check Pro 6 test strips. Pool Check®I uses the same test strip analyzer technology universally used by doctors for fast diagnostic urine analysis known as POCT (Point of Care Testing).

Industrial Test Systems Inc.: 800-861-9712

Supply and Consult

Since 1972, WMS Aquatics has been more than just a catalog to its commercial aquatic customers. WMS provides superior customer service with each purchase. With 35 years of experience, Wayne Smith has served as a valuable asset to aquatic projects with full-spectrum needs. From new construction consulting to equipment upgrades, eco-friendly products to ADA compliance, customers who call on WMS receive high-quality pool equipment backed by years of experience and expert guidance.

WMS Aquatics: 800-426-9460