Go Green

Natare's MicroFloTM vacuum sand filtration systems feature proven water, energy and operational cost savings. These unique systems are the ultimate choice for green design and LEED credit. Reduce water consumption while saving energy and enjoying cleaner, more clear pool water. Eliminate expensive filter aids and extensive maintenance by selecting the only filtration system with a 15-year warranty. In fact, the use of a MicroFloTM vacuum sand filter as the basis of design for new pool construction or renovation can reduce pool construction costs by over 60 percent.

Natare: 800-336-8828

Chlorine Control

Vantage listened to the needs of pool operators and facility managers in creating products designed specifically for commercial aquatic venues. Vantage ACF feeders use proven calcium hypochlorite technology for simple and reliable chlorine control. Combine with Vantage Poly A Tablets, a powerful tablet clarifier to improve filtration, remove organic and inorganic pollutants, and make your water sparkle.

AllChem: Phone 352-333-7381