Baldwin Design Works has a record of combining high quality products with high quality service, and is eager to contribute to the success of your project. Baldwin has introduced sustainable product solutions to hundreds of park and recreation facilities all over the country. The majority of Baldwin's products are made with materials produced from recycled plastics, which mimic the natural aesthetic of wood and provide a longer lifespan with less maintenance.

Baldwin Design Works: 404-518-7688

Natural Beauties

GameTime's nature-themed benches, trash receptacles, bike racks and other amenities add attractive comfort and functionality to any trail. The leaf-shaped nature bench provides a whimsical place to rest, and the Bug, Pond and Leaf benches and receptacles are a natural fit with their subtle nature themes.

GameTime: 800-235-2440

Suit Your Site

Wabash Valley offers a large selection of tables, chairs, litter receptacles, planters, umbrellas and more, all available in numerous styles, colors and finishes to fit whatever your need—functional, elegant, eco-friendly, always reliable—without the high price. From one company, you'll find an amazing variety in three product lines: Wabash Valley, Urbanscape and Green Valley.

Wabash Valley Mfg. Inc.: 800-253-8619

Able Receptacles

DuMor Inc. introduces a system of recycling receptacles that can be customized by color, cover type, hole shape and number of liners. Here are two unit sizes available. The larger one (pictured) has three openings for different types of refuse and is color-coded according to type of material to be discarded. It also has two different cover options. There is a side deposit cover as well as a top deposit cover. Each top has the option of being color-coded according to the type of material being deposited.

DuMor Inc.: 800-598-4018


Indesco offers aesthetically pleasing gate accessories for economical pricing. These gates can be used to block off foot trails, ATV trails, parking areas and security areas. They are lockable and easy to assemble on site. Available in variable widths from 5-foot single hinge to 24-foot double hinge.

Indesco: 217-622-6345

In the Details

As the new owner of BRP Enterprises, BRP by bison continues to provide the high-quality landscape furnishings BRP was known for and has added beautiful new finishes that all carry a 10-year warranty. It takes attention to detail to have the confidence to offer a 10-year warranty on outdoor finishes. You'll find that confidence in the BRP line, which includes benches, chairs, tables, bike racks, bollards, receptacles and planters, with new products on the horizon.

brp by Bison: 888-438-5311

Site Enhancements

Randolph Rose Collection features "Lost Wax" cast bronze sculptures and fountains for parks, recreation facilities, libraries and municipalities. These bronze sculptures will enhance any public space area for your community to enjoy. Custom designs are available—any size, any budget. Mention Recreation Management to receive 15 percent off your next purchase through April 30, 2012.

Randolph Rose Collection: 800-462-5851

Break Time

When it's time to take a break, look to environmentally friendly options from Recreation Creations LLC. The 6-foot Design Bench features a 2-3/8-inch OD galvanized steel frame and recycled plastic seating available in blue, tan or dark green. Impress the playground crowd with a whimsical, bright yellow Giraffe Bench, also constructed of recycled plastic. Recreation Creations is recognized as an industry leader with the highest standards, a focus on innovation and one-of-a-kind designs.

Recreation Creations LLC: 800-766-9458