Safe Landings

AD Mats is a leading manufacturer of Athletic Mats and Landing Surfaces. AD Mats are used in physical education, gymnastics, dance, martial arts, boxing, yoga, daycare and more. In addition, AD Mats produces gym divider curtains, gym floor covers, wall padding and post/column pads. Along with standard models, the company manufactures custom items and offers a superior two-year guarantee on all its manufactured products.

AD Mats: 800-971-0205

Make Some Noise

Soundsphere loudspeakers for gymnasiums produce 360-by-180-degree dispersion of full-range voice announcements and high-fidelity music reproduction. The Q-15 is suitable for applications requiring extended low-frequency response at high sound pressure levels. A single speaker may be enough in some gyms, but when more sound power is desired than one speaker can produce, Soundsphere offers two- and four-speaker Q-15 Combo systems, which maintain the single source of sound input for intelligibility in acoustically difficult spaces.

Soundsphere: 203-386-9200

Hoop Dreams

Goalsetter Wall Mounted Basketball Hoops can be used indoors or outdoors when space is limited or in-ground hoops are not an option. Height adjusts from 6 feet to 10 feet. Choose from 3/8-inch fully tempered glass for indoor use or 3/8-inch acrylic for outdoor use. Backboard sizes include regulation 72 inch, as well as 60-inch, 54-inch and 48-inch. Goalsetter hoops are made in the United States and carry a lifetime warranty. Zero clearance and fixed-height systems are also available.

Goalsetter: 800-362-4625

Pads & Parts

Only need a few pads or parts? Save time and money by ordering from the padding experts. Full Circle Padding has more than 40 manufacturers to choose from on its Web site with equipment pictures for easy ordering—at 10 percent to 50 percent less than the manufacturer. Don't see your equipment listed? No problem. Full Circle Padding can make any custom pad or cable.

Full Circle Padding: 800-875-7780

Sound Off

With a large space, reverberation can seriously affect clarity and speech intelligibility. Octasound speakers offer a real advantage for voice and music. Four discrete horns project sound in all directions to give you true projected, not reflected, sound. The large woofer radiates solid bass. One Octasound speaker will do the job of several conventional speakers. Their remarkable efficiency gives you the headroom needed to keep things crystal clear with minimal amplifier power.

KDM Electronics Inc.: 800-567-6282

Cook Something Up

In 1967, Gym-Thing Inc., a small manufacturing company trading as Gerstung, provided the equipment for Movement Education to public schools all across the country. Today, Gerstung designs and produces the equipment, creates the curriculum, trains the teachers and allows movement programs to flourish in preschools, at recreation centers, YMCAs/JCCs, clubs and the private sector in general.

Gerstung International: 800-922-3575

Make a Statement

USA Graphics is a leader in gym wall and floor 3-D murals, graphics and lettering since 1986. USA Graphics travels nationwide and is not restricted by size. They can do your football field graphics, as well as swimming pools or any large surface. Simply send your mock-up and idea, and USA Graphics will do the rest. No vinyl. It takes two to three days to do complete floor graphics, a day or two for a full wall mural.

USA Graphics: 800-784-6674

A Little Recognition

Weight training and sports recognition boards can be customized with colors and logos. No more letters or names falling from recognition boards with this front-loading system, including vinyl adhesive lettering. Anodized aluminum boards are easily interchangeable for updates and can be designed to fit your available space.

Grid Concepts: 866-310-4278