Pitch In

Beacon Athletics introduces the best four-sided pitching rubber available. With twice the rubber (weighs over 40 pounds), this pitching rubber will outlast anything on the market. Thicker rubber does not allow the front and back sides to move up when tamping the clay around the pitching rubber. The improved quality means all four sides of the rubber can be used. Save on installation labor and product replacements.

Beacon Athletics: 800-747-5985

Get Built

BILT by Agassi & Reyes is an innovative line of ergonomically designed fitness machines modeled after the custom machines Andre Agassi and his trainer, Gil Reyes, built and honed over two decades. Agassi and Reyes incorporated three critical factors into the creation of the machines: strength, conditioning and safety. This approach helped Agassi build and maintain his level of fitness and strength while remaining virtually injury-free for years during his championship career.

BILT by Agassi and Reyes: 702-215-2181

Ozone Power

Pentair Water Commercial Pool and AquaticsTM now offers its IntelliZoneTM Ozone Generators to commercial aquatic facilities. Ozone's oxidation and sanitation power combined with traditional chlorine systems produce the clearest pool water possible. And the IntelliZoneTM ozone generator system will reduce chlorine consumption by as much as 50 percent, resulting in lower operating costs for aquatic facilities. The system also reduces chemical odors on indoor pools and has no harmful byproducts.

Pentair Water Commercial Pool & Aquatics: 800-831-7133

Clean on a Budget

The Blue Pearl is for customers looking for an affordable robotic cleaner that uses state-of-the-art technology. Not only is it priced right, but it will also help facility managers save money with each use. The Blue Pearl's Aqua Smart guidance system will clean the largest of pools five times more efficiently than conventional robotic cleaners. Targeting debris and problem areas to maximize efficiency, the Blue Pearl saves time, maintenance and electricity.

Water Tech Inc.: 800-298-8800


S.R. Smith's new XL Capacity Lane Line Storage Reel provides 25 percent more capacity than other lane line reels. Its user-friendly design includes eight spokes per side, instead of the traditional four to six spokes, in order to keep lane lines from falling between the spokes and jamming while being rolled up. The powder-coated frame resists corrosion, and the heavy-duty casters can swivel 360 degrees for easier maneuvering. Optional cover protects reel and lines from elements.

S.R. Smith: 800-824-4387

Caramel Corn

The CMD line of Caramelizers are designed to make it easy for concession businesses to diversify and offer caramel corn. The CMD25, CMD50 and CMD100 combination cookers and mixers allow businesses to easily cook and mix a variety of savory and caramel flavors. Cretors' exclusive mixing baffles inside the cooker/mixer gently cover the popcorn with coating. Standard and custom-built cooling bins are available with optional built-in blowers to cool corn more rapidly. Cretors' CMD series Caramelizers are constructed from easy-to-clean stainless steel and mount directly onto a knockdown table or cooling bin.

Cretors & Company: 800-228-1885

Hardware Help

Scranton Products has unveiled two new hardware collections for the Hiny Hiders® brand of partitions. These collections are aesthetically pleasing and offer upscale design options, with the same strength and support as Scranton's current line of hardware featuring Stirrup Brackets (8-inch wrap around) or Continuous Brackets. Stealth Hardware Collection, with its modern minimalist design approach, has great looks along with strength and support. Regard Hardware Collection is bold and modern in three beautiful colors: Smoke (dark gray), Ember (copper) and Frost.

Scranton Products: 800-445-5148

Laptop Lockdown

Summit unveiled its new Phenolic Laptop Locker, providing wiring and ventilation for laptop users. The attractive design features multiple lock options and is available in a variety of sizes to suit any facility's needs.

Summit Lockers: 888-310-7149