Multiple-Choice Lift

S.R. Smith's new multiLiftTM is an adaptive pool life that gives customers the flexibility to have either a fixed or removable lift in a single, integrated design. It is third-party tested and ADA compliant, powered by the LiftOperatorTM Intelligent Control, and made with powder-coated stainless steel and aluminum. Visit for more information about S.R. Smith's full line of ADA-compliant pool lifts and to locate a dealer near you.

S.R. Smith: 800-824-4387


The Mastercare therapy table uses the natural healing powers of gravity traction along with a system of therapeutic exercises for the relief, rehabilitation and prevention of chronic back, neck, shoulder, hip and knee problems. Mastercare has been shown to be beneficial with physical therapy, athletic training, industrial rehabilitation and sports medicine, rendering great results. Combine different techniques to provide traction/unloading of discs and joints, mobilization, stabilization, manipulation, soft tissue, McKenzie principles under traction or Ultrasound under traction.

Swedish Backcare System Inc.: 770-888-9796

Step Right Up

ADA Easy Stair is fully compliant with all 2010 ADA Guidelines, plus NEC Bonding Codes, and is a cost-effective solution for pools requiring a secondary means of pool access. It is portable and removable, with no pool anchoring required. Custom-trimmed, it includes entrapment skirts and requires no pool bonding.

Triad Technologies Inc.: 800-729-7514

Meet Their Needs

The new and improved RangerTM from Aqua Creek surpasses even Aqua Creek's high standard for innovation and reliability. The RangerTM is independently verified by Wyle Labs to meet ADA standards. With a 36 percent increase in setback range and an even sleeker design, the frequently imitated but never equaled Ranger. Dare to compare others to this great, economical choice for commercial pools and backyard enthusiasts who enjoy their independence.

Aqua Creek: 888-687-3552

Take a Shot

Bankshot Playcourts are inclusionary family sports: non-running, non-contact, non-aggressive and companionable. At Bankshot Basketball participants play alongside, not against, each other. ADA and IDEA compliant: no child left inside. Bankshot offers mainstreaming integration, socialization and inclusion of the differently abled. Bankshot Sports are Total-Mix Sports based on Universal Design.

Bankshot Sports: 800-933-0140


Enhance the functionality of your pool with a HydroWorx X80 Underwater Treadmill & Jet Machine. Underwater treadmill provides gait training and balance enhancement, while the integrated jets provide for resistance exercises and deep tissue massage. Underwater video can help with gait analysis and biofeedback. Unique fold-up design allows efficient use of pool space. The treadmill is portable with water depth adjustment to fit any pool size or water depth.

HydroWorx: 800-753-9633

Access Matters

The federal government has passed a law requiring all commercial and municipal swimming pools and spas to have an ADA-approved means of entry and exit for disabled patrons by May 15, 2012. Brock's expertise guarantees that you will comply with this mandate. Brock has been supplying commercial and institutional swimming pool equipment since 1975.

Brock Enterprises: 800-332-2360


The SwimEx 1000T Therapy Pool is the largest and most versatile SwimEx model. This multi-tasking SwimEx has the smooth, fully adjustable paddlewheel current on one side, still water on the other and three water depths for maximum flexibility. The deep well enables complete joint unloading, and its large open area provides enough space for treating multiple patients with varying diagnoses. The standard water area is 10 feet wide by 14 feet long, with the ability to increase the length to 22 feet.

SwimEx: 508-838-9090