That's the Ticket

National Ticket Company manufactures tickets and wristbands used for admission/crowd control, pay-one-price admission, security, special privilege passes, group identification, restricted area access, and any application where a visual means of identification is needed. National Ticket offers bright colors and designs of stock wristbands made of Tyvek®, double-numbered stub wristbands, holographic, vinyl and plastic wristbands, in addition to printing ultra hi-res, RFID, sta-put tab bands, stub bands and Ultra Quik Wristbands.

National Ticket Company: 800-829-0829

Shut Down

Pentair Aquatic Systems offers the LX80 Commercial Pool/Spa Control System, which provides easy access to the emergency shut-off switches for any aquatic environment. This user-friendly integrated control system includes commercial pool and spa on/off, two time clocks to control daily filtration and built-in cool-down cycle for each gas heater. The LX80 is waterproof and low voltage, offering excellent protection against electrical shock. The low voltage emergency shut-off switch is capable of shutting off all spa and pool equipment, including the filter pump, jet pumps and air blowers.

Pentair Aquatic Systems: 800-831-7133

You've Got the Look

Manufactured in the United States from recycled rubber, PlayGuard playground tiles are designed to reduce the risk of serious injury associated with falls from playground equipment. Any design inspiration or playful color scheme can be implemented with PlayGuard's custom color and logo capabilities. PlayGuard features easy installation and maintenance and offers a 15-year warranty.

PlayGuard Safety Surfacing: 800-851-4746

Fenced In

Metaltech® Temporary Fence is a great solution for job site safety, security and public events. Construction sites or recreational events deserve to be protected by the most transparent temporary fences and barriers. Made of all-weather and maintenance-free galvanized steel components, PROTEC temporary fences and SECURIGARD barriers offer competitive pricing and superior site protection over chain-link. Event organizers and construction sites have been successful in limiting the risk of theft and vandalism while influencing positive traffic flow.

Metaltech Temporary Fence: 800-363-7587

Crowd Control

Show your softer side and identify your authorized guests with new Woven Wristbands from VIP® Band. Made of a special combination of nylon and cotton materials, woven wristbands feature precise, multi-color weaving of your custom artwork. Intricate details including your company logo, message, graphics and serial numbering are achievable with eye-catching results. The locking closure adjusts to size and results in a wristband that is secure and non-transferable.

Precision Dynamics: 800-255-1865

Sharpen Up

Since 1958 Magna-Matic has led the outdoor power equipment industry in rotary lawn mower blade balancers and sharpeners. The MAG-8000 is the most productive and versatile sharpener available. Able to sharpen left- or right-handed blades, conventional (flat) mower blades and mulching (curved edge) blades all with the same machine. All Magna-Matic sharpeners maintain a consistent 30-degree blade edge angle and sharpen most blades in 1 to 2 minutes.

Magna-Matic Corporation: 800-328-1110

Floating on Air

AirRide® from Action Floor Systems is a vinyl rollout gymnasium floor cover system that uses a patented air blower to drive a cushion of air that simplifies installation and removal. AirRide's lift effect greatly reduces potential for scuffing and scratching of the floor's surface during either process. Deploying and removing the cover is quickly and simply managed by two people. The AirRide cover vinyl is phthalate-free and is available as a 10-foot-wide, 20.5-ounce weight seamless sheet to protect floors.

Action Floor Systems LLC: 800-746-3512

Made in the Shade

Shade Systems provided its newly redesigned Single Post Umbrellas for the YMCA in Aiken, S.C. Available in sizes up to a giant 25-foot diameter and supported by only a single column in the center, these versatile shade umbrellas are perfect for pools and waterparks, as they provide a huge amount of cooling shade and protection from the sun's dangerous UV rays. They're engineered for wind speeds up to 90 mph with the canopy on, and feature an ingenious release system built right in for easy removal and re-attachment of the fabric canopy in the event of a hurricane or for the winter season.

Shade Systems Inc.: 800-609-6066