Green Lights

GreenWay® is the reliable, affordable solution for pedestrian-scale outdoor solar lighting. This commercial LED lighting system features a low-profile aesthetic design with single PV module, lockable hidden battery enclosure, 24-foot direct burial pole and invisible mounting hardware powder coated in your color choice. It is ideally suited for pathways, walkways, trails and sensitive or remote locations that have no access to conventional power.

Sol Inc.: 800-959-1329

Bright Lights

Best Lights T9-630 watt fixture replaces all 1000 watt HID fixtures. T9-210 watt fixture replaces all 400 watt. T9 Ceramic Metal Halide lamps are the brightest light source available. With Super Reflector Technology, you get more light than any other system, including LEDs. T9s last 30,000 hours with dimmable electronic ballast. All indoor direct or indirect applications. MSU saving more than $22,495 in electricity and eliminated burning 332,980 pounds of coal each year.

Best Lights: 800-545-2928

Set the Record

Motivate and recognize your athlete with a Record Board. Anodized aluminum units with optional door fronts, may be used indoors or outdoors, and are available with specialized colors, logos, vinyl lettering and available in any size. Record Boards can be designed to fit your available space. Boards can be customized to fit the needs of any sporting event, school, club or university. The Record Boards are a front-loading system, making for easy access and eliminating falling letters.

Grid Concepts: 866-310-4278

Light Where You Need It

Light-Structure Green, Musco's complete foundation-to-poletop lighting system, provides significant advantages for your budget and the environment. You can cut your operating costs in half with reduced energy consumption. What's more, 100 percent of maintenance costs are eliminated for 25 years, including lamp replacements, through Musco's Constant 25 product assurance and warranty program. Constant light levels are guaranteed, and off-site spill lighting and glare are reduced by 50 percent.

Musco Lighting: 800-825-6030

Share Some Excitement

Fans feel the excitement of the game with Daktronics color-changing ColorSmart® scoreboards. ColorSmart LED technology allows these scoreboards to respond to the ever-changing events of the game in a dynamic way. Follow the flow of the game as the digits change colors between red, amber and green according to which team is ahead and whether the game clock is stopped, running or under one minute.

Daktronics: 800-325-8766

Keep Score

On the soccer field or on the baseball diamond, Trans-Lux's Multi-Purpose LED Scoreboard showcases game information with incredible brightness and accuracy. The scoreboard can easily be customized for specific sports, school colors or include sponsorship signage. And as the athletic program changes seasons over the year, captions can be changed to reflect the new sport. A host of other features, including an easy-to-use controller, add up to a winning multi-purpose scoreboard solution.

Trans-Lux: 800-243-5544

Play Ball!

Bison's wall-mounted scoreboards have unlimited options for full-color school or sponsor graphics. A sturdy aluminum extrusion frame encases 100 percent solid state electronics. Packages include a 13-by-5-foot or 12-by-3-foot scoreboard, tabletop control console and control cable. Remote control console and receiver are optional. Both scoreboards have 12-inch red clock and yellow score digits, green period digit and bonus possessions. The 99:59 clock has 1/10 second countdown under 1:00 and an internal horn.

Bison Inc.: 800-247-7668