Tile Time

MS3 indoor and outdoor tiles are perfect for any sport, including Dekhockey, ball hockey, inline, tennis, basketball, volleyball, gymnasiums and commercial applications. Manufacturing its Synthetic Sport Surface tiles in the United States helps ensure the finest quality, durability, maximum strength and playability for the customer. MS3's exclusive formulas allow for balls to bounce or slide perfectly and for the athlete to get remarkable traction. Both indoor and outdoor tiles are easy to install and have a 10-year limited warranty.

MS3 Multi-Sport Surface: 978-660-1253

Feel the Difference

A-Turf® Titan is the industry's plushest, safest and longest-lasting synthetic turf surface. It comes with a 12-year warranty. When making a decision as important as selecting the right synthetic turf field (and builder), there's no substitute for seeing it, touching it and walking it. Look at other turf fields, then see and feel the difference of an A-Turf field.

A-Turf: 888-777-6910

A Little Protection

Look to Covermaster Inc. for all types of TERRAPLAS® covers. But to protect artificial turf, choose TERRACOVER V®. It's the Terraplas cover that will readily convert any stadium into a multi-use venue. Using a simple system of specially engineered, interlocking panels, this cover will accommodate seating and staging for thousands of spectators. TERRACOVER V® is easy to install, easy to clean and easy to remove and store.

Covermaster Inc.: 800-387-5808

Back to Life

The BSS 2000 Resurfacing System is a revolutionary Beynon Sports manufacturing and installation process that restores the appearance and texture of your existing surface, and enhances the feel under foot. Beynon Sports' BSS 2000 Resurfacing System not only improves aesthetics, but also can bring rubber sheet good products and aged two-component polyurethane systems to within IAAF performance parameters. Key benefits include: longer life for your existing surface; optimal performance, maximum ROI; improved force reduction, feel under foot and resiliency; and made in the USA.

Beynon Sports Surfaces: 410-771-9473

Movable Turf

Grass Panels are a unique synthetic turf system that offers great playability with rugged durability suitable for indoor or outdoor usage on any surface. Made with high-quality turf that is securely attached to the base for many years of use, the square design allows quick and efficient assembly with a proprietary lock design, holding them tightly together during use. Grass Panels can be quickly unlocked and separated for temporary and totally portable installations.

Synthetic Grass Technologies: 888-593-6013

All-Weather Installation

You don't have to wait for "ideal" weather to install synthetic turf fields and other recreational surfaces with NORDOT® Adhesives. From sub-freezing temperatures to hot, desert-like climates and in damp, dry or windy conditions, installing with NORDOT® Adhesives gets the job done faster and easier. The result is lower overhead and more profit. You also get the long-term durability and reliability that is synonymous with the NORDOT® brand. This photo shows a gold game line being bonded to white seaming tape coated with NORDOT® Adhesive.

Synthetic Surfaces Inc.: 908-233-6803

Eco-Friendly Infill

Artificial grass uses infill materials to guarantee the perfect shock-absorbing characteristics of the grass mat. At present, these are mostly vulcanized materials, such as rubber. With Naturafill, Domo is taking the next step in its innovative eco-policy. Naturafill is produced on cork plantations, where it is harvested from cork oaks at 9-year intervals. Cork is a renewable resource and cork oaks are managed sustainably. Naturafill can be completely reused without sacrificing quality and without producing residual waste.

Domo Sports Grass: 949-226-7199

Play Ball!

FieldTurf's product development team, along with research partner Penn State University, designed the DoublePlay product line to be completely customizable to the needs of baseball clients by controlling the speed and pace of the baseball through innovative fiber height and infill solutions. Such customization allows for all baseball programs to get the field they want and the field that best complements the skills of their team.

Fieldturf: 800-724-2969