Right on Track

For more than 25 years, Vermont Systems has specialized in providing world-class parks and recreation application software designed to provide increased efficiency and productivity in an easy-to-use package. Software products include RecTrac, WebTrac, GolfTrac, FinTrac and MainTrac, serving municipal parks and recreation departments and military bases around the world.

Vermont Systems Inc.: 877-883-8757

Command and Control

CMS (CorWorth Monitoring System) will make your restroom building a command center for your park. Receive notifications and be able to use your smart phone to turn water and lights on or off, lock and unlock doors, control and program irrigation, open and close automatic doors, monitor pool equipment, generate work orders and maintenance reports, and efficiently schedule crews. Technology that makes your park buildings budget savers, not budget busters.

CorWorth Restroom Facilities: 800-447-6570

Make It Easy

Looking to speed up the registration process and retrieve participants' information quickly? Longing for an "intelligent" and user-friendly system that will save you time on daily tasks, eliminate all paperwork and attract record participation? DoSportsEasy is your ideal solution. Customized to your specific needs and web design, features include online registration, superb league scheduling, automatic standings/brackets, instant e-mails to participants, travel forms, quick upload of text and images, free agent ads and much more. No computer skills required.

Do Sports Easy: 617-785-0153

Store It

The new 196-page Storage Solutions 2013 Catalog from Lyon Workspace products features "Safe, Secure Storage Solutions" involving nine major product categories. Lockers, shelving, modular drawer cabinets, safety and ergonomic products, storage cabinets, workspace furniture, storage rack, tool storage and much more. The catalog is headlined by a huge selection of all-welded, heavy-duty products to meet the growing market demand for increased safety, security, durability and convenience.

Lyon Workspace Products: 800-323-0082

Tame the Jungle

It can seem like a jungle in school hallways, with kids slamming, swinging and sounding like a herd of elephants—releasing all that pent-up energy on their poor lockers. Welcome to the jungle, says Scranton Products, introducing DuraLife® Lockers, a line of solid HDPE lockers that are fully fire-rated as well as being GreenGuard Children & Schools Certified for improved indoor air quality. With extensive advantages over metal lockers, DuraLife features the strength and durability to stand up to the bombardment of everyday school use with low maintenance at a comparable cost.

Scranton Products: 800-445-5148

Smart Water

Netafim USA's new Apollo Disc-Kleen Filters are high-capacity water filtration systems designed to use with both dripline and overhead irrigation on sports fields, parks and recreational centers. Apollo Disc-Kleen Filters ensure that only debris-free water enters the irrigation lines for efficient operation and healthier plant life. Featuring a multi-level filtration process, Apollo removes sand, particles, algae and other organic materials from water sources such as lakes, ponds, reservoirs, canals, rivers and reclaimed water systems.

Netafim USA: 888-638-2346


Don't get cold feet over selecting ice hockey goals. Bison, with more than 25 years of experience manufacturing athletic equipment, knows how to make tough goals for every game. Their new ice hockey goal is 100 percent welded construction, using 2 3/8-inch OD schedule 40 pipe to form the official size goal mouth and 2-inch OD for the rear support structure. A powder-coated finish completes the goal. Bison's ice hockey goals are sold in pairs complete with nets, net attachment laces, goal locator freeze pins and goal puck cushions.

Bison Inc.: 800-247-7668

Wash Up

Bradley's Advocate AV-Series Lavatory System is the first lavatory unit to provide a sink, soap, faucet and dual-sided hand dryer all in one sleek and high-tech unit. Having soap, water and hand dryer all within immediate reach, the Advocate Lavatory System raises the bar for convenience, comfort and safety in commercial washrooms. Since all hand-washing elements are close by, the user needn't move from the station in search of soap, towels or a hand dryer.

Bradley Corporation: 800-BRADLEY (272-3539)