Inspiring Fun

Little Tikes Commercial takes fun to a whole new level by making the entire process fun and easy. For Little Tikes, it's just that simple—from quality to safety, funding to service, and innovation to green building, the process is seamless from start to finish. Let Little Tikes tell you a little more about what you can expect by calling to get your copy of the 35th Edition Catalog.

Little Tikes Commercial: 800-325-8828

Green Choices

Dogipot introduces the Aluminum Dogipot Header Pak Junior Bag Dispenser to hold Dogipot's new line of Oxo-Biodegradable Dogipot Header Pak Litter Pick Up Bags. These new items give customers more choice and the Header Pak bags will fit all major brands of hanging bag dispensers. Dogipot offers high-quality environmentally conscious products to help keep your dog-friendly area free from unsightly, smelly and harmful dog waste.

DOGIPOT: 800-364-7681

Sand Filtration

Save money on water, energy, maintenance and installation costs with Natare's Vacuum Sand Water Filtration. This big black box is "green" and can qualify for LEED credit. MicroFlo Vacuum Sand Filtration Systems are the most efficient choice for aquatic facilities and large water features. This new comprehensive brochure includes a thorough, easy-to-understand description, as well as technical design details, a specification and information on the 15-year warranty.

Natare Corporation: 800-336-8828

pH-Neutral Chlorine

NEX-GEN is the commercial swimming pool industry's first on-site chlorine generator with neutral pH chlorine. This unique system re-uses the swimming pool water to produce chlorine so TDS is never an issue. Produce chlorine for as little as 43 cents per gallon.

ChlorKing: 800-536-8180

Renovate & Rejuvenate

Planning to empty your pool or water attraction? Then it's the perfect time to paint your pool! Ramuc® Pool and Deck Paints are the right choice for your pool, slide, fountain, lazy river, hot tub or spa. Visit the website for a list of commercial distributors ready to answer any questions you may have on Ramuc Pool Coatings.

Ramuc: 800-745-6756

Share the Experience

Vortex is the leading designer and manufacturer of aquatic play solutions for the municipal, commercial and hospitality sectors. Vortex solutions are a cost-effective way to add cross-generational recreational activity to parks, family entertainment centers and aquatic centers. Vortex's ongoing mission is to develop fun, safe and reliable products for families and children of all ages and abilities.

Vortex Aquatic Structures International: 877-5-VORTEX (586-7839)

Fun Floaters

Fun Floaters are ideal for water walks, tethered climbables and soft play areas. Made of soft surfacing safe for all children, Fun Floaters are brightly theme painted and protected with Aqua Armor, a tough coating that protects against UV and harsh chemicals such as chlorine. That's why Fun Floaters are backed with a two-year warranty. Choose from multiple standard designs & themes.

Water Odyssey: 512-392-1155

Creative Inspiration

Be inspired with new designs by Poligon. The latest brochure is filled with standard and custom ideas to meet the needs of your site. In the back you'll find a chart of Poli-5000 super-durable TGIC powder finishing colors. Poligon is now featuring 24 standard colors and 10 additional textured colors for a unique finish.

Poligon by PorterCorp: 800-354-7721