Spin & Spray

Thanks to Vortex's new load-bearing Spindle, users can stand or sit on the Spin N?1 while pushing off the ground with their feet to make the platform spin around and around—creating an impressive water effect. As the first of its kind, the Spin N?1 is a high-energy play feature that encourages active play, physical development, interactive play and collaborative play. Features a grip handle, stainless-steel post, skid-resistant surface and Toeguard.

Vortex Aquatic Structures International: 877-5-VORTEX

Shower Power

Outdoor Shower Company has more than 40 shower models to choose from, and all are suitable for commercial applications. They are the perfect choice for coastal areas, lakes, swimming pools, playgrounds, campgrounds, waterparks, marinas, boat docks and more. These wall mount and freestanding showers are available with hot and cold water valves as well as several great options to create style and versatility. When stainless steel parts are not available and chrome-plated brass is used, they are top-quality commercial grade, and have been tested to withstand all outdoor environments and conditions.

Outdoor Shower Co., LLC: 866-746-9371

Cover It Up

To help pool owners ensure maintenance of ADA-accessible features, S.R. Smith has just introduced a new line of pool lift covers. There are options that cover the entire lift when in the ready position, and also a seat saver option that protects the seat and creates a visual deterrent to unauthorized use.

S.R. Smith LLC: 800-824-4387

Clean Air Dryer

Excel Dryer Inc. announced that its XLERATOR high-speed, energy-efficient hand dryer is now available with a certified HEPA filtration system. XLERATOR offers the only certified HEPA filtration system proven to remove 99.97 percent of potentially present bacteria and particulates from the air in the room, and the only one with a washable pre-filter for reliable performance and extended filter life. XLERATOR with HEPA settles the debate about hand dryer hygiene by delivering clean, filtered, purified air fast and efficiently.

Excel Dryer Inc.: 800-255-9235

Redefine Pool Time

Commercial Recreation Specialists now brings the action of outdoor water sports to the shallower depths of pools with the new Adventure Series. The Adventure Series is an exciting new line of water sport products that inspires more active play. The compact, modular inflatables connect to create custom challenge courses as expansive as your imagination. Their ultra-low profile makes boarding from the water easy at any point, and each piece allows for multiple activities and programming possibilities.

Commercial Recreation Specialists: 877-896-8442

On-the-Go Lift

Pentair Aquatic Systems has added a new portable version to its AquaTRAM line of pool lifts, called the AquaTRAM PT. The new lift requires no permanent anchoring to the pool deck. It is easily transported poolside when needed—simply set the brakes, slide the lift into position and it's ready to use. The unit offers dual flip-up armrests that provide easy and safe access, a comfortable seat with adjustable lap belt and footrest, plus simple-to-operate controls that provide easy access in and out of the pool.

Pentair Aquatic Systems: 800-831-7133

Fit Your Pools

New BlueLine UV Series by Delta UV offers a new look for its line of UV products to fit any size pool. The new BlueLine series uses state-of-the-art Clean Light technology to remove the smell of chlorine, help prevent red eyes, dry skin and damaged hair, plus destroys microorganisms not destroyed by chlorine and salt systems. Ideal for up-sell and renovations as the products are easy to add or install on to any pool.

DeltaUV: 866-889-8765