Climb With Ease

Perfect Descent Climbing Systems Indoor, Outdoor and Magnetic auto belay devices are designed for use with climbing walls. The field-replaceable safety lanyards contain built-in wear indicators and come in 52-, 40- or 28-foot options. They are easy to install and easy to move—making Perfect Descent a great choice for your automatic belay system. All Perfect Descent auto belay devices are made in the USA.

Perfect Descent: 321-608-8031

Up and Down

The Canyonz® Bouldering Slide is one of the most exciting climbing products available. It encourages imagination, exploration and adventure in a safe, natural and unique play environment. The Canyonz® offers 170 handholds and 300 square feet of area to climb. In addition, the Canyonz® is the only climbing boulder to offer a 14-foot tunnel cave slide and a 4-foot activity arch. These elements encourage children to explore and play in a natural and imaginative setting.

Backyard Boulders: 866-420-6384

Climb & Learn

Get all the fun and fitness of a traverse climbing wall with the added benefit of a magnetic surface. This patented climbing wall offers versatility that maintains ongoing interest and enthusiasm for participants of all ages. Climbers can place, move and remove magnets during innovative and educational games, or mark climbing routes of varying difficulty and endeavor to progress. The Mat-Locking® System provides a safety surface and locks the wall after use.

Everlast Climbing™: 800-476-7366

Choose Your Adventure

Ropes Courses Inc. has been manufacturing, installing and servicing adventure course products since 1989. Sky Trail® is the premier product line ideal for everything from amusement parks to retreat locations to indoor facilities. Ropes Courses develops courses that exceed customer needs by addressing safety, capacity, training, design and expandability, with products the whole family can experience. These courses provide the thrill of doing something out of your comfort zone, at your own pace.

Ropes Courses Inc.: 877-203-0557


The Freedom Climber is a revolutionary rotating climbing wall that provides a whole-body workout while eliminating the need for harnesses and ropes. Using the climber's weight and action of climbing to cause rotation, the Freedom Climber requires no electricity to operate. Extending out from the wall 8 inches and fitting in rooms with an 8-foot ceiling, it provides an innovative fitness experience with minimal footprint. The surface rotates both directions, and the speed is adjustable.

Freedom Climber: 717-940-2701

Ease On Up

Since 1989, Brewer's Ledge has provided more than 900 facilities with climbing systems. This family company offers a full line of fixed, rotating and portable climbing walls, focusing on kids programs and fitness training. This includes self-installed, textured panels and Treadwall® rotating walls, adjustable playground walls, towers, racquetball conversions, custom walls and portable walls. Brewer's Ledge supports customers fully, helping with design, training and equipment needs. Specifications, free quotes and videos are always available.

Brewer's Ledge: 800-707-9616

It's a Jungle

Sport Rock has been producing realistic, highly detailed climbing walls and boulders for more than 16 years. Sport Rock's newest lightweight and durable Jungle Rock boulder series elevates the boulder to a totally new dimension with its bold, realistic, sculpted animal images revealed within stone. The 9-foot-tall lion pictured has two other complementary boulders, the Jungle Rock bear and elephant, and three benches ready for placement in parks, playgrounds, zoos and resorts.

Sport Rock Intl Inc.: 805-481-5686

Suit Yourself

Extreme Engineering, an industry leader in patented climbing walls and auto-belay safety systems, provides a full product and service solution to the recreation industry. Extreme Engineering has provided climbing walls and related products to more than 5,000 customers worldwide.

Extreme Engineering: 916-663-1560