Good Repair

TotTurf's Robbie Maintenance Program provides preventive maintenance and repair to damaged surfaces, helping customers save up to 60 percent over the life of their surface. During the design process, landscape architects should consider including long-term maintenance contracts, like TotTurf's Robbie Maintenance Program, in the specification to help ensure the longevity of their customers' investment. TotTurf's Robbie Maintenance for poured-in-place rubber playground surfaces helps ensure that landscapes age with dignity.

TotTurf: 800-858-0519

All in One

Bradley Corp. has won a 2012 Product Innovation Award for its "all in one" touchless design of its new Advocate AV-Series Lavatory System. The first lavatory unit designed to provide a sink, soap, faucet and dual-sided hand dryer in one sleek and high-tech unit, the Advocate Lavatory System raises the bar for convenience, comfort and safety in commercial washrooms. Since all hand-washing elements are close by, the user needn't move from the station in search of soap, towels or a hand dryer.

Bradley Corporation: 800-BRADLEY (272-3539)

Look Within

General Pipe Cleaners new Gen-Eye Micro-Scope compact handheld inspection tool gives you the versatility to inspect small drain lines and many toilet traps or hard-to-reach places like duct work, furnaces and crawl spaces. The Micro-Scope monitor attaches to the reel with an adjustable mount to give you the best viewing angle. The reel carries up to 100 feet of micro push rod with color camera, giving you the ability to inspect 1 1/2-inch to 3-inch drain lines and many toilet traps.

General Pipe Cleaners: 800-245-6200


Plastex Matting has pioneered a new material to keep surfers out of harm's way while riding waves on increasingly popular wave-simulating machines. Custom-designed for manmade wave machines, PillogriD's large open grid and soft vinyl construction combine phenomenal high-volume drainage with a soft landing. The product is placed over metal grates at the back and front of manmade wave machines to help cushion falls if surfers accidentally land outside of the wave area.

Plastex Matting: 256-845-7725

On Guard

Paragon Aquatics offers its new lifeguard station. Patent-pending design minimizes deck space while maximizing the frontal edge of the guard station. The Griff's VISION Guard Station can be positioned close to the pool edge and accommodates most pool gutter profiles, including zero-depth entry pools, and can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications. Available in one-step, two-step and three-step models. Side-to-side access allows for uninterrupted coverage of the pool during shift changes. Griff's Guard Stations are designed to increase lifeguard effectiveness.

Paragon Aquatics: 800-831-7133

Streaming Discoveries

A product concept unlike any other in the aquatic play pad industry, Waterplay® Solutions' Discovery Stream is a multi-faceted play feature comprised of a modular stream bed full of interactive weirs. With water play elements such as playful fish and flowering water plants, the Discovery Stream is designed to evoke thoughtful and imaginative play, and can be custom-configured for each space using four segments: a spring, ocean bed and two interlinking bend sections.

Waterplay Solutions: 800-590-5552