Good Day, Sunshine ?s

The ultimate in energy efficiency with insulation values as high as R-20. Factory pre-finished, corrosion-free, pre-engineered aluminum box beams form a total composite building system with Kalwall® translucent sandwich panels. A screened retractable roof system allows for fresh air and an outdoor swimming experience without bugs, leaves or other debris. Manufactured in the United States to meet or exceed all local building codes.

Structures Unlimited Inc.: 800-225-3895

On the Go

Pool Blaster PRO pool vacuums are designed with the pool cleaning professional in mind. Self-contained, the vacuums include two rechargeable batteries for up to three hours of runtime, along with three reusable filter bags. Completely self-contained, PRO's have rechargeable batteries, which provide power for up to three hours of continuous operation.

Water Tech Inc.: 800-298-8800

Cover Up

Pen Fabricators offers its CleanLine solid safety cover for commercial aquatic facilities. This cover does not use straps across entire length and width of the cover. This new, solid safety cover has absolutely no stitching anywhere on the cover. It is manufactured using reinforced vinyl materials and is lighter in weight to create a "clean line" cover that is extremely attractive. It is also easy to install (freeform pools use 10 to 15 percent fewer springs and anchors).

Pen Fabricators: 800-359-5350

Make Your Own

NEX-GEN is the commercial swimming pool industry's first on-site chlorine generator with neutral pH chlorine. This unique system re-uses the swimming pool water to produce chlorine so TDS is never an issue. Produce chlorine for as little as 43 cents a gallon.

Chlorking: 800-536-8180


Aquatic facility operators using test kits from Taylor Technologies can perform water analyses more quickly with these tools: a SampleSizer® ensures the correct amount of water is used for each test; the SpeedStir® portable magnetic stirrer eliminates manual swirling during drop tests; the Unit Dose Dispenser metes out the proper amount of powdered indicator employed in the FAS-DPD titration for chlorine.

Taylor Technologies Inc.: 800-TEST-KIT

Go With the Flow

Eco-Flow – C Variable Frequency Drive from H2flow makes it possible to increase pool pump efficiency and lower energy costs by running the pool pump at its lowest possible speed while still achieving the required turnover rate. Eco-Flow – C will typically reduce energy consumption by 40 percent to 60 percent, and is supplied in a rugged NEMA 12 configuration.

H2Flow: 888-635-1506

Make a Splash

What's more fun than the challenge of pushing yourself to the top of a climbing wall? The rewarding splash when you jump off into the pool! The Kersplash Pool Climbing Wall brings together two great sports—swimming and climbing—for double the fun. Available in UV-treated Crystal Clear or Color panels with a stainless steel frame for durability and beauty.

Everlast Climbing: 800-476-7366

Upright Workout

The Aqua Sprinter Floatation Belt has been designed to keep you in the proper vertical position to maximize the efficiency of your workout in the pool. The patented Sprinter belt holds the swimmer securely at the waist to stay upright, with no tipping forward. It's made from closed-cell EVA foam and is completely latex-free. This belt can turn the normally mundane chore of exercise into a fun activity for everyone from the professional athlete to the whole family.

Sprint Aquatics: 800-235-2156