An App for That

BECS Technology introduces the new BECSys Now! App for iPhone, iPad, Android smart phones and tablets. BECSys Now! allows operators of BECSys5 and BECSys7 controllers to monitor the current status of all of their pools from a mobile device. A quick status indicator in the main Controller list identifies any systems in alarm, and full details on any controller are available by simply selecting it from the list.

BECS Technology Inc.: 314-567-0088

Swim, Swim, Swim

A custom swim spa is one of the most innovative exercise machines on the market today. They cater to a wide range of aquatic enthusiasts. From the most advanced swimmer looking for an intense workout to someone simply looking for a hydro-stretching session, swim spas have provided many people with the perfect exercise solution. The Diamond Spas custom swim spa line facilitates a current flow system. This system is quite powerful, with no jets, bubbles or high pressured turbulence.

Diamond Spas: 800-951-7727

Long-Range Plans

Myrtha Pools is a leader in aquatic technology, combining stainless steel and PVC technology together in a patented process, which results in simply the best materials available. Once the Myrtha is installed, you will not be having any re-plastering, painting, tiling, etc., done to the pools as in traditional construction process. The Myrtha technology has been chosen not only for world-class competitions such as the Olympics, but also in colleges, YMCAs and municipal aquatic facilities.

Myrtha Pools USA Inc.: 941-955-2591

Put Your Coat On

Permanon provides winter and summer protection to outdoor features during the off season. This new spray-on coating is easy and fast to apply. Protect your waterslides and theming from the elements and damaging UV rays. Stop waxing and make spring cleanup easier. This transparent, durable, UV-resistant coating is safe for all indoor/outdoor surfaces. It's a new technology that replaces waxes and extends the lifespan of paints. Permanon is water-based and nontoxic.

Marketing World: 802-655-8941

Mighty Simple

SeaKlear's new Mighty Pods products contain powerful, environmentally friendly SeaKlear water treatment products encapsulated in an easy-to-use, convenient water-soluble film—so the pods dissolve in the pool or hot tub water in just minutes. The Mighty Pods line will launch with two products: Weekly Pool Care Mighty Pods are the ideal way to prevent cloudy water, phosphate control and scummy buildup; while Cloudy Pool Cure Mighty Pods clear up cloudy water caused by "pool emergencies."

SeaKlear Water Treatment Solutions: 866-995-5327

Get Connected

Acu-Trol® offers its AcuPort to provide aquatic facility managers with the ability to connect to Acu-Trol's aquatic automation controllers via Ethernet, Wi-Fi or RS-422/485 communication interfaces. The Acu-Trol® AcuPort offers communication solutions to the commercial aquatic equipment room with dedicated communication to Acu-Trol's AK110 or AK600 controllers. Now facility managers can manage multiple aquatic facilities remotely.

Acu-Trol Programmable Controllers: 800-831-7133

Cover Décor

CoverLogix® now offers its popular 1000 V solid vinyl safety cover in new Tan and Gray colors. This solid polyester vinyl cover is a complete barrier to sunlight, dirt, debris and water. Heavy-duty construction provides protection from the elements and prevents algae growth—for faster spring pool openings. An optional pump or drain panel is required to meet AS safety standards. The colors are designed to complement the latest facility décor.

CoverLogix Advanced Safety Covers: 855-99-COVER (992-6837)

Need a Lift?

The PAL2 is the latest innovation from S.R. Smith, a leading provider of ADA-compliant pool lifts. It is a fixed portable lift that boasts an elegant, sleek design. The PAL2 provides the benefit of portability, yet with the exclusive Secure It Kit, can be fixed to the deck. All S.R. Smith lifts are third-party-tested and verified ADA compliant.

S.R. Smith: 800-824-4387