Total System

"Total System" –Energy Management Pool Systems Controller is a PLC-based, total system controller using a PID control algorithm. The "Total System" displays and controls flow rate using the included Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) to adjust the speed of the circulation pump. Additionally, it controls and displays pH and chlorine ORP levels, pool water temperature and all-electronic pool water level control with automatic fresh water makeup when combined with the included electro-hydraulic main drain modulating valve and fresh water solenoid.

Halogen Supply Company Inc.: 773-286-6300

Winter Cover

Inter-Fab Inc. is now offering a winter cover to enclose its self-operable i-Lift pool lift. The new cover was created to meet the growing demand for ways to protect, close and cover pool lifts at recreational aquatic facilities when pools are closed at night or for the season without having to remove the lift and store indoors. Made of tough, reinforced vinyl material, the cover is dimensioned to slip easily over the lift and be secured snugly at the base with a built-in elastic cord.

Inter-Fab Inc.: 800-737-5386

Something Blue

The NRH2O Waterpark in North Richland Hills, Texas, has been using these cool blue Mariners structures from Sun Ports as a revenue-enhancing feature. Though most facilities do not charge individuals for shady spots, the larger shaded areas have become a haven for groups of people who are more than willing to pay for exclusive access to cool comfort. The structures are perfect for hosting birthday parties, family gatherings, business retreats and more.

Sun Ports: 800-966-5005

Multiple-Choice Fun

This new multi spray feature incorporates several fun-filled aquatic features into one compact unit. Make this feature the focal point of your splash ground. Enhance and surround it with individual aquatic features to create one fun splash ground. Designed and fabricated in Norwalk, Ohio, features are constructed from high-impact fiberglass.

Emerald FX/Mazur: 419-663-3279

Know Your Limits

SR Instruments is a manufacturer of "purpose built" scales designed and manufactured specifically for waterparks, where some rides have weight limits proposed by the manufacturers. Rides such as the Tornado, Mammoth or many others have weight limits applied for safety reasons. Parks that heed the requirement know the weight limit of a single group of riders can effectively improve their insurance status and the safety status of the park. Scales are designed for indoor or outdoor use, and can be freestanding or built in.

SR Instruments Inc.: 716-693-5977

Step Right In

Fully compliant with all 2010 ADA Guidelines, plus NEC Bonding Codes, the ADA Easy Stair is a cost-effective solution for pools requiring a secondary means of pool access. Features: portable and removable, custom trimmed, no pool bonding or anchoring required, and a 400-pound capacity. Includes: dolly, wear strips, entrapment skirts and two-step platform and vinyl pool feet as required.

Triad Technologies Inc.: 800-729-7514

Pool Perfection

Natare provides efficient, technologically advanced and cost-effective pools, spas and equipment. Natare also provides the perfect solutions to renovate or construct your pool facility, from stainless steel gutters with exclusive GPM grating to PVC lining systems. When it's time to design, construct or renovate a pool, spa or aquatic facility, talk to Natare.

Natare: 800-336-8828

Outside In

CCSI International Inc. provides spectacular wet environment structures. Each building is built with quality components and opening roof system, which allows you to open each panel individually. The buildings are intentionally built for wet environments, and stand up to moisture and chemicals far better than conventional construction. CCSI International Inc. is proud of its long-term acceptance by architects and builders for the structural integrity and longevity of its structures, as well as detail in fabrication.

CCSI International Inc.: 800-537-8231