Clear & Pure

This wall-mounted, corona discharge ozone generator is an excellent choice for water purification. Designed for product longevity and durability, the CD12/AD features dual ozone reaction chambers with an efficient, built-in air dryer for the highest grams per hour and ozone concentration in a compact, air-cooled, self-contained package. The CD12/AD is easy to install and maintain, and will provide years of superior sanitation.

ClearWater Tech: 800-262-0203

Simple Solution

"The Solution" Feed Systems are adjustable wide-range liquid chemical feeders designed to improve operational safety and simplify the disinfection process while reducing operating costs. Features high-capacity feed with venturi mixing, providing for consistent ORP/PPM set point and excellent chloramine control under the heaviest of demands. These systems are virtually maintenance-free, carry a complete warranty, offer exceptional payback time and are certified NSF/ANSI Standard 50.

SureWater Technologies Inc.: 407-948-2080

Free to Swim

Spectrum Aquatics makes ADA compliance easy. The Freedom Lift® is a fully ADA compliant, battery-powered pool lift that is self-operable from the deck and water. It features a robust operating system and a 350-pound operating load capacity. Spectrum offers additional ADA-compliant lifts and is the one-stop source for high-quality commercial pool deck equipment, waterslides, pool blankets and more.

Spectrum Aquatics: 800-791-8056

Save Energy

New from the manufacturer of PureWhite LED Replacement Lamps—PureWhite Fixtures. PureWhite Fixtures produce the same light output as a 500-watt incandescent but use only 87 watts. Plus, they feature a Guardian Silicone Lens Gasket and Brass Liquid Tight Strain Relief with premium sealing gland for superior water protection. Modern styling and a custom-etched optical diffusion lens complete the look.

J&J Electronics Inc.: 800-735-4553

Salt Solution

Hayward Commercial Pool unveils Saline C 6.0 commercial salt chlorine generator, NSF certified to produce up to 6 pounds of chlorine per day. Its compact design is comprised of a single clear vessel and power supply, eliminating the need for daisy chaining multiple cells. This more efficient design lowers installation costs and consumes less space. Pool operators and managers can now offer the benefits of a salt-chlorinated pool while lowering sanitization costs by up to 60 percent.

Hayward Commercial Pool Products: 800-657-2287

Equip Your Pool

For more than four decades, Aquatic Development Group Inc. has provided equipment and project services to more than 4,000 public, scholastic and leisure aquatic and amusement facilities. ADG Project Services team has earned an exceptional reputation for success with clients including Six Flags, Wilderness Resorts, Cedar Fair, Kalahari Resorts, Dollywood, Disney, Intrawest and Paramount Parks. ADG's Equipment Systems division manufactures components for aquatic parks, commercial pools and mountain attractions under brand names Wavetek, FlowRider, Whitten, AFW Floors, Texlon, Alpine Mountain Coaster and Alpine Slide.

Aquatic Development Group Inc.: 518-783-0038

The Heat Is On

For heating smaller commercial pools, check out Raypak's Professional Atmospheric Digital Gas Heater. Non-ferrous waterway ASME certified with cupro-nickel tubs and bronzer headers. Generous use of stainless steel, the base, burner tray, front panel, flue collector, V-baffles and refractory retainers. Cabinet exterior uses appliance-grade brushed stainless. Two model sizes include a 268 with 266 Mbtu input and a 408 with 399 Mbtu input. Three-year parts and labor limited warranty and five-year parts on the heat exchanger.

Raypak Inc.: 805-278-5300

Lift Off

The Scout is an ADA-compliant pool and spa lift designed for in-ground anchoring. This lift is designed to fit into many existing anchoring systems. By limiting anchor installation costs, the Scout lift is ideal for easy and affordable ADA compliance. The Scout has 360-degree rotational ability, allowing for a variety of accessibility applications. It can also accommodate partially raised pools and spas with the Scout Hi-Lift version.

Aqua Creek Products: 888-687-3552